I always get excited to review underwear and I was even more excited when I heard I’d be getting to review the Cocksox CX03 Waistband Brief. If you know me by now, I am not shy with the underwear I wear. However, I get concerned about certain brands and how I perceive they might fit me and Cocksox was one of those brands. For that reason I am glad to have my first pair from the brand and  just may have to explore what else Cocksox has to offer.

The pair of briefs I received in the mail was size L (36-38) and the pair fit my 36” waist very well.  They are made from 92% “Supplex” (Cocksox’s choice microfiber) and 8% Lycra elastane.  These really are a “bikini” cut rather than a more traditional brief and while you get pretty much 100% rear coverage the side of your bum is more exposed than with similar cuts from other brands.

I put them through a day’s worth of wear and they held up pretty well. I am a fan of briefs with a built in pouch, and Cocksox seems to have been in that market for quite some time.  Their pouch really does bring you “out and up” and as someone who is already subconscious about the size of my bulge, wearing these to work was a bit of a decision, but I decided to throw caution to the wind, as it were.

I am getting pretty good at “judging books by their cover” when it comes to shopping online and looking at pictures, and I must say the one issue I thought I would have with these. While the pouch is shaped to “lift” my anatomy doesn’t really “do” that easily so the pouch at times would become uncomfortable and cramped. It wasn’t so bad that I wanted them off, (I wore them until bed time) but they didn’t have the comfort I was hoping for, either.

Style-wise these briefs hit the right notes. I think a bikini cut is naturally more stylish than a basic style, and the neon green definitely stands out. I also appreciate that Cocksox has gotten away from their niche a bit, and ventured the world of the logo waistband. My wife’s reaction was “whoa” when I got them on—though she is an impossible read when it comes to the underwear I wear.

In the end, the Cocksox CX03 Waistband Brief is a really decent brief and I was pleasantly surprised and how well they fit overall. Though the contour of the bulge could be a bit bigger, or more forgiving, I think my main issue is that it is something I just am not used to with any other pair I own. I’d say if you’re a fan of the brand’s thong or original brief, you should give these a try. Be careful though, one thing is for sure with these briefs, which doesn’t stray from the brand’s overall design concept, you may need to be a bit less-than modest to wear these on a daily basis.


  • Good Fit
  • Super supportive
  • Breathable
  • Stylish


  • Unforgiving pouch
  • Not for the bashful


  • Fit – 5
  • Materials – 4
  • Construction – 4
  • Look – 5
  • Daily Wear – 3
  • Overall *Out of 5* – 4

Cocksox furnished these for review. You can find them on the Cocksox website.


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