BlueMedalBrief1When did you first discover your love of undies?
I first discovered my love for underwear around the age of 20. I am very active and into fitness. This led me to favor compression style  underwear with materials other than 100% cotton that wicked away sweat, didn’t ride up and had other “technology and features.” Through searching for this perfect pair my love grew.
What style was you favorite when you started to love underwear (boxer brief, brief, jock, thong or etc)
Prior to my 20s I would wear boxers. Those days long behind me, I now favor trunks. After that my ranking probably looks like this: boxer briefs, briefs, and then jocks.
When you bought you first pair of underwear what brand and style was it?
Well I wore Hanes tighty-whites as a kid and American Eagle boxers as a teen. Once I began buying my own pairs I’d guess my first purchase would have been 2xist. I forgot the name of the specific style, but they were trunks and had an opaque style mesh on each of the sides and a kind of rubberized waistband. I bought three of two different colored pairs off of
What influenced your underwear buying habits when you first started your passion (catalogues, internet or friends)
Definitely what I’d see others wearing in the gym; if I liked the fit I’d look it up. Store websites gave me ideas also and today Instagram is a big inspiration to try new (foreign) brands.
Are there any brands you had to have when you started buying?  Did you ever get a pair?
I really wanted and purchased C-IN2. I still really want Aussie Bum, but have yet to purchase.
Did your first pair still influence the styles you wear today?
Not really. I still like my first pair and I’ve bought more of that brand and similar brands, but that first purchase didn’t really influence me.
What is your favorite style today?
My favourite style is trunk.
Who are you favorite brands now?
My favorite brands are Teamm8, Pump and 2xist and CK.
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