IMG_9335When did you first discover your love of undies?
I realized I loved underwear when I was around 10 years old.  Walking through department stores and looking through the JCP catalogue definitely interested me.  By the time I was 12 or 13 I realized I REALLY loved underwear!   🙂
What style was you favorite when you started to love underwear (boxer brief, brief, jock, thong or etc)
Looking at the packages and seeing guys in bikini briefs was very sexy.  I always wore basic white briefs that my mom bought and I was dying to try something different.
When you bought you first pair of underwear what brand and style was it?
My first pair was a 3 pack tube (that’s how old I am) of Jockey Elance bikini briefs.  I used my allowance to buy them and kept them hidden because I was embarrassed to show anyone!
What influenced your underwear buying habits when you first started your passion (catalogues, internet or friends)
Looking through catalogues (International Male was big then) and just strolling the underwear department at a store opened my eyes to the different styles out there and I wanted to try them all.
Are there any brands you had to have when you started buying?  Did you ever get a pair?
I never cared about labels when it came to underwear and still don’t to this day.  If a pair looks good and they’re on sale, I’ll buy them!  I’ve got $40 D&G and $3 clearance bin undies and love them just the same.
Did your first pair still influence the styles you wear today?
Those first pair of Jockeys definitely made me feel excited when I put them on – a secret that only I knew – and I still feel that way about my underwear.  Bikini briefs remain my favorite and are the sexiest, in my opinion.
What is your favorite style today?
Bikini Briefs.
Who are you favorite brands now?
I’ve got so many different styles from different companies now but Jockey, N2N and CK are my go-to brands.

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