jS8NLsN2.jpg-largeI’m N2-it, that’s for sure. N2N Air Jock Jockstrap



When you need a reliable, comfortable and sexy brand it’s hard to beat out N2N. They constantly produce high quality lines that define, support and accentuate all of the goods. This jockstrap was no different.

With a very cute, lean band the waist band design took on a “skinnier” look and design from most traditional jockstraps. The logo design is sleek and edgy with a streamline (literally, line) look. That plays very well in black and white, especially when constricted with the bold red pouch. The one thing that I thought was a bit off was just the sturdiness of the straps and band themselves.

I often say that I’ve got a nice lil booty for an average white boy. So perhaps that’s why I feel the straps and band were a little lackluster in their ‘support’. And comparing it with other N2N lines, like my thong, the straps are almost identical but the strength of them seem different. Perhaps it’s all in my head (very well could be) and does it mean that this isn’t still a super great jockstrap? No it does not.

Speaking of that red pouch from earlier, YAY! It is a classically perfect N2N pouch. It holds everything that it should well and helps really draw the eye. Everything from the bursting red color to the smoothness of the fabric makes this pouch pop. You’ll be able to rock this all day, all night and for some, even on the walk of shame (#nojudgment).

Look at this jockstrap as a whole and it is SO well done. The sleek and slim, black and white design of the waist band and straps plays just perfectly with the popping pouch of eye catching red. While the straps didn’t feel like they lifted my buns to high. holy heaven they did do their job well enough for me to be happy with this new pair from N2N.

Sizing will be consistent with your normal sizing and the 90% Cotton and 10% Spandex fabric blend is perfectly delightful.

Pros: Sleek and stylish, comfy and supportive pouch, playful colors

Cons: Smaller straps could mean less support,

Rating: 7.5/10

If you’re looking for a slender jockstrap to add to the bunch this is a good one to consider. Find the Air Jock on the N2N Bodywear page for $19.00

N2N Furnished this pair for review.



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