I know I’m known as one of the thong guys on UNB. When it comes to underwear, there are really three main styles I wear: thongs, jockstraps and briefs. I never know day to day which style I am going to be in the mood for, so I like to have a wide assortment of all kinds. That’s why even as a verified thong lover, I was happy to order a new pair of briefs from a brand I adore: AussieBum. It’s been a long time since I wore one of their classic original styles. The light pink classic original briefs were one of the first pairs of underwear I really enjoyed wearing on a daily basis.  At least when I first started realizing how much I truly enjoyed underwear. Needless to say, the pink briefs are no longer with us, so I was happy to order a new pair, this time in purple.

Classic Purple

I often complain there aren’t enough brands making underwear in purple. It’s my favorite color. One that I think I look best in. Sometimes purple is more slimming and sexy than black! And these AussieBum classic original briefs aren’t just any purple. They are a very deep royal purple. Truly the kind of purple you’d want your underwear to be. Just opening the package made me excited to wear them.

Aussiebum purple


I am generally a medium in most brands, so I ordered medium in these briefs. They are a perfect fit for me. Sometimes depending on the style or fabric, AussieBum sizes don’t always run true.  For the most part, they are fairly spot-on. I wore them around on Christmas Eve, so there was actually a lot of movement and travel to get a good feel for them. Throughout the day, everything was kept in place, and the briefs were very comfortable to have on. Anymore, I prefer a pouch that bulges in all the right places.  These briefs are a standard pouch, so you don’t get any lift. That doesn’t really matter when it comes to AussieBum classic original briefs.  They are just comfortable and a good every day pair. They are sexy, too. The cut is low rise and features a flap on the pouch, but it’s not really a functional pouch – it’s more for looks. The briefs also hug around the back. If you like showing off your backside, these will do it very well. A comfortable option without wearing something that’s really going to dig into you while it lifts.

The briefs are ribbed, so if that’s aesthetically pleasing to you. It’s a definite positive because they are a really good rib. If purple isn’t for you, there are many other colors to choose from. All of them are vibrant and strongly dyed, so you are getting a true color. It’s one of the cases where the colors you see online aren’t photoshopped that much. You are ordering what you see.

Purple AussieBum

There are plenty of standard everyday briefs out there, but AussieBum stands above the pack thanks to their color choices, comfortable fabrics and cuts. The classic original briefs are something that should be in your drawer.


  • Comfortable fabric
  • Top-notch color selections
  • Good fit


  • The elastic has a tendency to stretch out in the back after a few wears
  • Hard to find in United States – shipping from Australia can take a while
  • Pouch is not anatomically correct


  • Daily fit – 10
  • Sizing – 9
  • Construction – 8
  • Styling – 9
  • Daily performance – 10
  • Overall – 9.2

Find the Classic Original Brief at the aussieBum website for $12.23!


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