I was thrilled to try out and review the Nukleus Maldiva Micro for two reasons (furnished by Underwear Concept).  First, I had never heard of this brand and love to find new underwear.  Second, the bikini cut looked right up my alley.  This brief is part of their Sea Series (Rebirth Collection). It comes in light blue, purple and navy as well as the white . Which is the pair I was going to wear.  I decided to check them out online to learn a bit more. I found that Nukleus is all about sustainability and being environmentally friendly.  They use organic cotton, bamboo and believe in safe, clean work environments for their workers. As well as fair pay for the farmers where their materials come from.  Visit their website to read more on their values and practices.  It’s a huge part of who they are as a brand and it  definitely put me into a positive mindset before I even put these undies on!

I chose to wear these on a lazy Sunday hanging around the house and then out to dinner.  They didn’t seem like a pair I would wear for exercise.  I can be a creature of habit when it comes to choosing underwear for a long work day so weekends are my review time of choice.  After wearing them, I found they would be great as a daily pair or loungingFullSizeRender – I even wore them to bed.

Being a company based in Asia, I figured the large I was sent would fit since their sizes tend to run small – sometimes very small.  The large says it will fit 34-36 and I’m generally a 31-32, which according to their site, would be a medium.  I always wash my clothes before I wear them and I expected them to shrink a bit but they remained pretty much the same.  I was surprised to find that their sizing matched American sizes pretty well.  A medium would have fit me just fine.  The
cut is great in front and was supportive but not tight.  The back is where I had a small issue because I don’t have much of a butt.  The cut was a bit big and definitely gave more room than needed.  It bothers me when the elastic goes down onto my thigh instead of right under my butt to give it a lift.

You can see that in the picture, which I was hesitant to post because I don’t like it. But I thought I should share since it’s a real life view of these briefs.

I loved a few things about the Nukleus Maldiva Micro : The bikini cut (in front) was perfect for me – not too big and not too small. The fabric is terrific (95% organic bamboo + 5% Spandex) and very soft and I like their strong identity
as a company.  I’m far from a hippy or someone who is really “green” but I liked their thoughtful and caring approach to their apparel.  My only real problem was the fit in back but it definitely didn’t affect the comfort level – just the styling.

I would definitely try more items from Nukleus and maybe go down a size to see if that remedies the fit.  I like the colors and styles in their other series, as well.  Some named after the elements and others after fruit!

Daily Fit: 9

Sizing: 9

Construction/Materials: 10

Styling : 9

Daily Performance: 10

Overall: 9.

Find the Nukleus Maldiva Micro at the Underwear Concept site for $4.96





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  1. The photo looks great! I’m very tempted to try these. The fabric looks really form fitting, but really soft. I agree–they would great for an afternoon around the house, doing chores, or for napping or for bedtime. It’s great that you are reviewing new products and some brands that aren’t so well-known. I’m always loping to add to my collection!

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