Think about history and all of the events that shaped the world we live in today. Now think about what could have happened had something shifted to reverse the way those events played out. What if the British had defeated the Americans when Americans wanted independence? What if Rue McClanahan had actually played Rose and Betty White played Blanche as Golden Girls producers originally intended? And what if the thong had taken place of the jockstrap?


In the past ten years, jockstraps have quickly found a place in the wardrobe of men all over the world. Jockstraps aren’t just for sports anymore. There are tons of fashion forward jockstraps from brands everywhere that take inspiration from the original white sport jockstrap and run with it. There are jockstraps for every day wear, gym wear, fetish wear. If you have an event, there’s probably a jock for it. But think just for a second what if thongs had become popular instead of jockstraps.


The way you play sports or hit the gym would be inevitably different. Instead of putting on a jockstrap to take the court or gym floor, you’d be putting on a thong. Which wouldn’t be such a bad thing. Thongs offer just as much, if not more, support than a jockstrap and do a really good job keeping everything in place. They give a good lift and help to make sure everything stays anatomically correct, which if you believe scientific reports, is something important in your daily underwear.

underwear drawer

If thongs had taken off instead of jockstraps, you’d also be saving a lot of space in your underwear drawer. Not that either type of underwear takes up a huge amount of space, but think about it: thongs don’t require that much fabric, where as jockstraps generally have larger pouches and two straps as opposed to the single strap of a thong. Thongs don’t take up much room at all, which save a lot more room for the rest of your clothes.


And finally, if thongs were more popular than jockstraps, a lot of men might feel freer. A jockstrap isn’t necessarily constricting, but there’s something about wearing a thong that makes me feel more liberated, and I’ve heard this from other thongs wearers, too. There’s just something about knowing you have on extremely comfortable and sexy underwear while most guys are going around in briefs or boxer briefs. Thongs have sex appeal, but they are also not very constricting and allow for maximum breathing room.

I’m not saying thongs will ever become more popular than jockstraps as each have their place in the underwear world, but it’s nice to think about what could have happened had thongs taken the place of jockstraps in pop culture and men’s wardrobes.



  1. Thanks Josh, for your recent posts promoting thongs. Yes, more guys should try them. Thongs certainly are more adventuresome and daring, and they seem to illicit some negative reactions.

    I think that, if more men, took the chance, they would find that thongs can provide (as you point out) great support and, yes, a comfortable fit.

    There is something to the feeling that thongs are a bit “out there” and that’s part of their appeal. I wouldn’t wear a thong everyday, but sometimes wearing a skimpy, stretchy, brilliantly colored lycra thong under a sober, slim cut suit provides a real charge. if jocks make you feel like a MVP, thongs make you feel like you’ve got a night job at a strip club. I do like that feeling, and maybe that’s why I especially like brands like Joe Snyder (I think the classic model is a great thong, and the smooth finish lycra spandex feels great), Gregg Homme, Cocksox, etc.

    I do agree that models from Calvin Klein and exist are great alternatives, and have an athletic appeal. The classic 2xist thong was, after all, a take on a jock strap wedged between the glutes. The y-back at the top of the strap is a great detail. I’m also glad you brought up the jock thong hybrid–such a great idea. And Andrew Christian is really good a these.

  2. Interesting post. I’m a runner and an athlete and for years have struggled to find a comfortable and supportive underwear, especially under running tights and athletic pants. I use to wear a jockstrap but never found the side straps and back exposure comfortable. After reading some of the reviews on the Jockey website, I decided to try the Jockey thong for men.

    I’ve officially ditched the jockstrap and now stick to a thong for exercise or running. It’s surprisingly comfortable and very supportive. For everyday wear I stick to the normal boxer briefs I’ve wore for many years. I’ll bet over the next few years more men will ditch the jockstrap and switch to a thong. It’s a far better choice once you get use to it.

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