Tyler Rush is a well-known and very well loved gay adult film star. He started out as the hit of the Seattle Pup scene and went on to merge areas such as Cosplay, Bondage, Pups, and so much more into a very successful film career. (Read more about him on the Huffington Post here: When not shooting films he can be found Go-going in Seattle and at various conventions with groups like Bound Jock and more. One thing that anyone who has ever seen him or seen anything he’s been a part of will know and that…is his ass. And how better to display said ASSet than in a jockstrap. I sent Tyler some questions about Jockstraps to get his take on this popular underwear style and here is what he said.

When did you first wearing jockstraps?

2009 Actually

Do you have some favorite brands of jockstraps or assless briefs?

Mr S Leather, Cellblock, Timoteo

Where do you buy most of your underwear/jockstraps?

I can honestly say that the majority of my jocks are from Mr S Leather (@MrSLeather).

Do you consider jocks better than regular briefs/trunks? If so, why?

I think each undie has its time, place and event. A little better, sure, but again, I appreciate briefs for being comfy and giving a comfy layer against denim or other pants.

Do you have a preference between jockstraps and assless briefs?

Jockstraps for sure. Assless briefs are great, but I like having my legs uncovered. The less fabric the better.

What do you look for in a good jock?

A good lift of the butt up, but without any unnecessary skin folds, and a good dick push forward in the pouch.

How often do you wear jockstraps?

If I’m going to an event or going out and about I’ll put on a jockstrap, I honestly only own a few briefs, of which I only wear at family functions or professional job things. Jocks are my preferred underwear of choice. 


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