Time for another jock review! I have a couple items from FT that I like so I was optimistic. Fort Troff tends to like a hyper-masculine look so the camo print and large waistband weren’t a surprise.  However the soft, perforated fabric was. These are made of 84% polyester and 16% spandex.  All 3 versions have the same gray camouflage print but the stitching and trim. Colors that are available in red, blue and gray. A boxer brief, boxer jock and trunk are also available. (Fort Troff furnished this pair for review)

I wore these on a run which is when I would typically wear a jock even though most guys might use this for “fun”. This jock was really comfortable so it would work for guys who like a jock as underwear, too. The waist and leg bands are pretty thick so you are definitely aware that you’re wearing a jock.

The sizing lists a medium as fitting a 30-31, which is me, and it’s dead on. Nice and snug without being too tight. The pouch has a good amount of stretch so if you’re on the larger end of the size range, you should still be OK. I would follow your typical, American sizing for this pair.

What I liked most about this pair was that they actually held up as a jock! I have several jockstraps that are definitely just for play or as daily underwear. When I exercise, I sweat a lot and like everything up front to be nice and snug. Some guys might disagree, but too much bouncing on a run is not cute. I really didn’t have any issues with this jock other than some minor adjustments to the leg straps.  But that happens with every pair I own so I won’t hold that against them. Camouflage isn’t really my thing but I still liked the style. Different colors/patterns would make me definitely get another pair. They sell as a pack of three along with a bonus cocking for $40. Seriously.

Overall, this was a good, solid jock and made me think I should try more in the future. I will definitely consider Fort Troff more than I did in the past. I had considered them for fetish wear or a store for gear, which is hot, but not always practical. My fetish for brief/jock lines through shorts was also well satisfied with the thick leg straps through my white running shorts. 🙂


  • comfortable
  • well priced
  • sexy and still practical


  • limited colors/fabrics


  • Daily Fit – 9
  • Sizing – 10
  • Construction/Materials – 9
  • Styling – 7
  • Daily Performance – 9
  • Overall – 8.8

Find this Jock at the Fort Troff site.


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