N2N Sale FrontAttention all N2N junkies (or feens?) out there, this post is for you!

Last Saturday I had the pleasure of attending N2N’s Los Angeles factory sale. Which was literally a dream come true.  Not only did I get to shop around and browse dozens of styles in person. (which is never the case, given the strength of the online market). But I got to meet and talk with the owner and designer Andrew.

I know it’s not a wildly known event.  But thankfully my editor (not pointing fingers UNB Tim) filled me in.  Which is why I want to share my experience with you.  As I previously mentioned, Andrew opens up the store front and organizes his products by price ranging from $5 undies/swimmers in baskets to $20 activewear on hangers.  Generally I would compare the shopping experience similar to how women feel shopping at Victoria Secret.  Because the products were laid out professionally for viewing and I was able to try them on to confirm they fit.  Don’t get me wrong I love ordering online.  From my experience I have had too many mishaps with sizing and material. Just being able to view them and try them out was refreshing.  Also the environment in the store was spot on.  Andrew is a down to earth, straight forward, genuine kind of dude. Though you might think it would be awkward to shop for stylish underwear.  It felt more natural than anything.

N2N Sale Left

I’ll be honest here. This was an N2N sale, so I had to go all out. With a little encouragement from my girlfriend.  I stocked up on over a $100 of undies, lounge shorts, and swimmers and I’m not remotely disappointed with what I purchased.  I went a little overboard with my undie selection. Believe me, I would have bought styles if my size was available. I ended up with an Air G in red, a Vintage G in grey, a Classic Cotton G in red, quantum bikini in orange and a Net G in red.  Also, since my loungewear collection is a little dry. I splurged a little and got two Track Sprinter Shorts in grey and black, a Cotton Sport Runner in navy, and a Sleep Short in black stripe.  I also bought two swimmers: the Catalina Bold Trunk in coral, and the Safari X Sport in coco (for my spicier side).  My favorite purchases are the Air G. I LOVE thin seamless front undies, as well as the Sprinter Track Short, which are my new go-to lounge shorts and my girlfriend can’t get enough of me in them.

N2N Sale Right

Shopping at N2N was awesome, but I also got to connect with the owner and designer Andrew.  I initially introduced myself as a blogger at UNB. He knew who I was, but we didn’t hit it off until the end when I overloaded his counter with my purchase.  We talked a little about the market, as well as the social stigma associated with swim briefs (states only). The one thing that I really took from my conversation, is how N2N came to be.  I don’t know why, but learning about people’s roots with their craft/art has always interested me.  What I gathered from our conversation is that N2N has been 19 (!!!) years in the making.  Andrew started the project in Miami making his designs by hand, and as time would have it. His brand ramped up to full production.  As a newbie to the men’s underwear market, Andrew is very inspirational and is just saturated with passion for his company. It’s no wonder that his hard work and perseverance have come to fruition.


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