10579173_10153823797421501_1322744664_oHey guys, it’s Undoes Rock here back at it with another review for the Navy Brief from Ca-Rio-Ca.  I picked up this swim brief up not too long ago when I met the owner and designer of Ca-Rio-Ca.  We hit it off right from the get go. After three hours of bonding over what I refer to as “undie talk”. I walked out with quite a few goodies including a swim brief which I am pleased to review.

During my meeting Gil continually stressed how important the quality of his products is.  If you own a Ca-Rio-Ca swimmer, you know this is true.  Let me put it this way, when I try on my Ca-Rio-Ca sunga I feel like royalty.  No joke. This swimmer is the total package.  The construction is impeccable.  The material is soft, and sets the bar in my book.  The designs and prints are edgy and are seemingly infinite.  I had such a hard making a selection from all of the endless choices. I spent quite a substantial amount of time scoping out all of the different prints, colors and patterns.  But I ended up with the Navy brief, which makes my list of “top ten best life choices”.  Believe me it wasn’t the easiest choice, but the navy print clicked for its classic yet edgy and fun vibe.  Ca-Rio-Ca offers five cuts: bikini, brief, low rise, classic, and traditional (sunga). Bikini being the skimpiest cut and sunga being the most conservative.  I went with the brief because I like the minimal yet adequate coverage and the classic cut.  Though at the time, selecting the navy brief wasn’t such a straightforward choice. it’s easily become one of my favorite printed briefs in my collection.


The 85% polyamide 15% spandex material set the standard for the ultimate luxe material. The fabric provides the perfect balance between support and flexibility.  The entire suit is fully lined with a 100% polyamide layer.  When you first feel a pair, right away you will be able to tell that they are an incredibly comfortable pair from how soft the material is.  The suit seems a little thick to the touch initially, but once I was in the water they felt like any other swim brief.  I mean they aren’t racer status. But if you get the right size they don’t feel heavy in the water or like they are dragging at all.  The waist band and drawstring design is great at maintaining tension and grip. I was able to swim laps in a pool just like I would with a pair of Nike or TYR suits.

As I have repeatedly stated. This pair is designed for comfort. Believe me, it’s truly the perfect lounge/relax brief.  There were no pinch points or any exceptionally tight regions.  I have a ~34” waist and the medium I was wearing (rated for 32”-33” waist) fit like a glove; not too tight or loose.  The material is stretchy so if you like our swimmer to be a little snug, I think it is safe to size down with this pair.  Though I love suits without a center seem. I was a little concerned with this suit as there isn’t a lower crotch seem/relief.  I look for this in a swim brief to guarantee a good pouch that maintains a solid cup for my package. While providing the seamless flat front look.  It’s a huge pet peeve when the crotch in a suit starts to sag and my package starts to overflow/slip out. Much to my surprise, this pair maintained a good cupping effect the entire time.

Currently you can find these perfect lounge swimmers directly on the Ca-Rio-Ca webpage for $99.  I know this a hole your wallet, but the quality and style is well worth the price.  If you’re a swim brief fan, this pair is an absolute must, no exceptions, as this a center piece in my collection.  Personally I can’t wait for summer to kick in so I can spend as much time in these Brazilian swimmers as I possibly can!


·       Impeccable construction

·       Incredibly soft, breathable fabric

·       Great print

·       Perfect lounge swimmer


·       Pricy


·       Fit – 9

·       Sizing – 9

·       Construction – 10

·       Styling – 10

·       Performance – 7

·       Overall – 9

Find the Navy Brief on the Ca-Rio-Ca Site


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