Jockstrap Wednesday aussieBum riot

Okay that might be a fûtball yell but let’s focus on the Aussie part of it, aka Aussie Bum and their Riot jock… GET IT. I am fully advocating for a full on European fûtball riot like stampede to get this jockstrap (plus it is currently on sale). Where to start with this amazing pair:

Unlike most jocks, let’s start with the front! As AussieBum often does, this pair has a very comfortable pouch. It isn’t too pushed out there, nor is it too held back. It allows everything to rest very comfortably, supported by free. The polyester/Elastane blend in a semi mesh form keeps the pouch cool and fresh. PLUS! There is a very seductively done peek-a-boo cut out at the top of the pouch. I often am very leery about these types of cut outs but even I think this one is over the top sexy.

Now the backside. Oi, Oi, Oi!! Great support from the straps give my butt a huge boosts, same with my confidence. A jockstrap’s real Goal. The sides are a bit square cut before the straps take off on their own but the cut remains very flattering.

The colors: Blue/white, red/white, black/red and white/blue. So pick out your team colors, don your knit, and give em hell!

Find the Riot at the aussieBum site!


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