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Hey undie nerds, Undies Rock here with another review.  Those of you that have been following my posts know that I am a huge fan of swim briefs. Or as I refer to them as “swimmers.” Which is why I am stoked to review Clever’s Tropical Colombia swim brief in white (0605). Furnished by Candyman Fashion.

First off, this pair will meet your expectations for everything a swim brief should be.  It’s a solid pair of swim briefs. The construction and material are quality.  The material is comfortable, and the cut and print are cool.  I have to be honest, for the longest time I haven’t been a fan of Clever.  Due to bad experiences I have had with their thongs.  Though their thongs are constructed well, as all Clever products are. I find them to be uncomfortable.  Specifically the trim is made of a rough material that tends to be abrasive on my skin. Let me put it this way, you don’t want to be wearing one during a long work day. But these swimmers have changed my perspective on Clever. They are highly comfortable for both lounging and water activities.  I took a dip in the ocean with this pair and it did not lose its form and dried quickly. Which I was worried about since the front and back are fully lined (which just reiterates the quality of construction).

The cut is conservative with full butt coverage and mid-rise but remains stylish and fun with its colorful, tropical print. I am usually not into this cut/style of swim brief, but these ones worked out quite well for me.  I’m a in the 32-42 inch waist category and I wore a large which is rated for a 32-34inch waist.  The suit fit snug and felt true to size, without any unfortunate tight or loose areas.  The sides are 3.5 inches with a 1 inch white waist band. The pouch is comfy, my package fit like glove, but I could see for bigger guys that it might be uncomfortable.  One aesthetic of the pouch that I found unappealing is the center seam.  Always gets me lol.  The 85% polyester 15% spandex material feels soft and luxurious.  I wore these briefs for a majority of a day without any discomfort. The elastic drawstring is thin and has metal medallions on the ends which is a cool feature. But can be annoying when tying a knot.  Also the drawstring ports are reinforced with metal rings. Which are more durable than sewn edges. But can get hot and burn when sunbathing.  I feel like I am dragging on with my aversions, but I actually really like this pair.  It doesn’t blow my mind, but I definitely approve.0605 (1)



–        Fully lined

–        High quality material (soft and malleable; doesn’t lose elasticity)

–        Well built

–        Comfortable and supportive enough for lounging and activities


–        Center seam

–        Medallions on drawstring


  • Fit –8
  • Sizing – 9
  • Construction – 9
  • Styling – 7
  • Performance – 9
  • Overall -8.4

Find the CleverTropical Colombia at Candyman Fashion for $53.48. For this price you certainly get what you pay for, and without doubt this pair will hit the spot.


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