After a winter in the north which was mild yet seemingly endless. Tt finally appears that beach season has finally arrived. Which means only one thing. The discussion on underwear blogs internet wide regarding what to wear at the beach. Many out there are hesitant to don the ever divisive swim brief. As UNB’s Undies Rock coined them “swimmers”. I was one of those guys throughout my entire life. My hesitations stemmed from American societal stigmas as well as body confidence. However, last August I stopped caring, went for the gold. I got my pasty white upper thighs some much needed sun and attention. It was a fantastic and course changing decision.

The moment I first hit the beach in my swim brief was pretty terrifying. Fortunately for myself I went to the beach with friends who also were wearing equivalent apparel. This did help to ease my nerves. As I removed my exterior clothes to reveal my black swim brief. My fears dissipated much like a balloon deflates. Within minutes I was not only comfortable but regretting not doing so earlier. A great day was had and I haven’t looked back, wearing only swim briefs at the beach and pool since.

Wearing a swim brief is the ultimate expression of personal confidence as well as physical and aesthetic pride. Prior to last summer, I didn’t have a very defined physical regiment. I was always fortunate to have a nice physique but to me. Wearing a swim brief full time at the beach or pool got me inspired. To get into a much more defined and regimented workout plan. It drives me to improve my physical appearance in a big way. Forcing me to “bring it” big time in the gym multiple times per week. The improvements have been major and I can credit swim briefs partially to it. In addition, my confidence in myself has never been greater when donning swim briefs. I have never felt more empowered and being brave enough to do it has been a major life change. While difficult to try the first time, it was an extremely positive decision and result.

Guys, I know many of you out there are reading this with a swimmer in your drawer. You bought one because you have always wanted to wear one in public. Due to potentially some of the reasons previously stated. You may be going to the beach this weekend and you want to wear it if you go. Heck, you will probably wear it under your swim trunks if you go. Dreaming of removing the external shorts. My advise to you: Just Do It. We are all not models, this is clear. But take pride in who you are. Embrace yourself guys because life is too short to cover up and conform. I am only one case of “coming out” in the swim brief world, but I sincerely hope you can take my story and advise to heart. Love yourself and have fun with it!

Cheers to the summertime kickoff! It’s time to don your swim brief!


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