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Hello UNB Blog readers!

I’m Beau Briefs and I am very excited to be bringing you a new segment we’re calling The Pouch Couch. Each week I will be posting answers from our different contributors and readers about…Pouches!! Naturally as underwear enthusiasts we all know that packing the pouch, how it’s packed and all of that can have a big impact on our overall impression of a pair of underwear. So I hope to help unpack those packages, as it were.

I’ll have each guest answer a set of questions and post their responses. I imagine their responses will be as varied as they are and run from tight and compact to pouch, who needs pouches, let it be free!

So I hope that you will join us for the Pouch Couch time every week.

To start off our first week I will be answering my own questions!

The Pouch Couch Week 1

Guest: Beau Briefs

What is the most important thing you look for in a pouch?

The absolutely most important thing for me is the balance of structure and design, I don’t want an utterly useless design but I also don’t want an utterly useless structure. It’s got to be a good mix and seems and piping play a big role in that for me.

What defines the perfect pouch in your mind?

Hmmm, well I think my ultimate pouch is one that holds everything where it should be, secure and up front. It has to be able to hold all of the goods in a comfortable state and have just minor flexibility, I don’t want the pouch to grow as I…grow. I’m also not a big fan of lumpy pouches, yes that’s my word for pouches that show every itty bitty detail of the goods.

Do aesthetics play a role in picking out a pair/pouch?
How so?

They do! No one wants an ugly pouch, that ain’t cute! I like a very classy, smooth bulge. It can also be great to have fun with colors and contrasts with the rest of the pair. Again, I am fundamentally against lumpy pouches, just ain’t my thing.

What are some examples of great pouches?

For me the gold standard is Calvin Klein hip briefs, see his Steel line for the premier example. They are comfortable, soft, smooth, but firm in their “conviction”. If you asked someone to draw a cartoon brief they would generally draw a very smooth, rounded pouch and that’s exactly what I like and I think Calvin Klein does a great job on that. Timoteos also does a good job but when bringing fabric into the mix between Timoteos and CK Steel, I’ll go with Steele. Old school Diesel Color briefs also are a contender for my top slots.

Which brands make your favorite pouches?

Oops, guess I just answered that. Calvin Klein, Timoteo, Diesel, perhaps add Bluebuck and Garcon Model.

Do you want structure or flexibility?

Yes. Haha, but I lean towards more structure. There’s a cliché that isn’t always true that says that there are growers and there are showers. Sometimes it is true though and if we’re being honest then I’m in the former category and so I need pouches that will let things get started but not run the full mile, if you will.

Have your pouch preferences changed at all over time?

Actually no. I’ve been pretty firm in my beliefs on the pouch topic.

Are there examples of pouches that aren’t functional but “fun” that you own?

Me? No, never! Or, yes. I have a few pairs that would never do to wear for a full day but they can be entertaining in the moment. One is a very fine mesh pouch, another is a bigger knit mesh. Neither would do for a full day but would be fine for a full 5 minutes.

Anything else you’d like to add to the pouch…discussion? (haha, sorry, I thought it was funny)

I think it’s good to have a preference. A preference for pouches can help guide you in future purchases, especially when trying out a new brand. However, I’m also a fan of experimentation with underwear and you should never stay completely within your comfort zone.

That’s all for this week’s Pouch Couch session. Join us next week as we get the full package from our guest: UnderwearDude.


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