BEAU: Welcome back UNB readers! I’m Beau Briefs, your virtual host of UNB’s Pouch Couch. As I mentioned last week we are joined now by UnderwearDude on the Pouch Couch. So pull up a cushion and get comfy as we dive into UnderwearDude’s Pouch Couch thoughts!

BEAU: What is the most important thing you look for in a pouch?

UD: If I’m just looking at a pair, and have yet to try it on, I mainly go for looks. It has to look good. Some pairs use color patterns that just makes their pouches look horrible in my eyes.

BEAU: What defines the perfect pouch in your mind?

UD: Comfortable to wear, not too big but with enough room to grow, yet good looking as well.

BEAU: Do aesthetics play a role in picking out a pair/pouch?
UD: Yes, they can. Even if a pouch doesn’t feel uncomfortable, if I don’t like the look of it, I won’t wear it. If the pouch was truly amazingly comfortable but ugly, that’s a different story.

BEAU: What are some examples of great pouches and which brands?

UD: I quite like N2N Bodywear and Ergowear pouches. Cocksox pouches are pretty good too, but sometimes they are a little too big and make me feel like I look like I’ve got some sort of bird’s beak hanging off of me.
BEAU: Do you want structure or flexibility?
UD: I like a mixture of both. I like being held in place, but I don’t want to be constricted either.
BEAU: Have your pouch preferences changed at all over time?

UD: A little. I used to be more wary of pairs with big pouches, for fear that they would make for embarrassing bugles under clothing. I haven’t found that to be the case.

BEAU: Any “just for fun pairs” that you’ll admit to us?

UD: I own a pair by Pikante from their Castro line that is less a pouch than a sleeve. It’s neat looking, and somewhat comfortable, but I’m not sure it’s really suited for daily wear at all.

UD: Oh, one more thing:

I hate pouches that don’t have “room to grow”, so to speak. Contoured or not, ergonomic or not, if the pouch can’t handle you and still look good doing it that bothers me.


BEAU: Thanks for joining UnderwearDude! Week 2 and we’re already seeing different viewpoints and Pouch Couch preferences. We’re all very lucky to be in a time where underwear that’s available actually is as widely varied as we’d like and more accessible than ever! Don’t forget to Tweet or favorite anything that you see and read on UNB. Most of our writers (myself included) can be found on different social media sites so engage with us and stay tuned next week when we talk with T Lawrence about what fills his Pouch preference list.


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