CS7-16-2N2N Bodywear Furnished the Cotton Sport Runner for review.


  • Overall – 9.2
  • Fit –10
  • Sizing – 9
  • Construction – 9
  • Styling – 9
  • Performance – 9


  • Incredibly comfortable material/fit
  • Amazing front/pouch
  • Great style


  • A little short for tall dudes
  • Pricy

Undies Rock Recommendation: The combination of material that is breathable, light and Stretchy. A style that is flattering for all shapes and sizes are the key components for comfortable pants. N2N hit it out of the ball park with this pair.

Undies Rock here, about to drop knowledge on one of my personal favorite pieces from N2N!  Behold, the perfect “I’m working from home” bottoms – the CS7 N2N Cotton Sport Runner pant. As many of you know. I am a huge fan of the N2N brand.  It’s no surprise that their active/loungewear is as amazing as their underwear and swimwear. Gentlemen, if your ultimate goal is to work at home in class and comfort, than these pants are your fix!

First off, this pant is pretty much the men’s version of a legging.  I know this might be a little taboo. All I have to say to those “real/tough/whatever men” out there, don’t knock it till you try it. If you don’t think these are the most comfortable pants you could try on, then you need get real.  Trust me, for all of those “manly” guys out there who are too scared to wear form fitting, legging type pants. Then you are straight up missing out on: 1) absolute comfort, and 2) the ultimate display of your manhood. So go ahead and continue wearing those slopping, unflattering, excessive basketball shorts. But don’t come running to me asking where I got these sweet-ass man leggings because guess what?…I told you so!  Alright I said my peace, and enough with the rant and on to good stuff!

As I previously stated. The Cotton Sport Runner is essentially the men’s version of the legging. It’s a tight fitting, low rise, sporty, knit pant that hits lower to mid-calf (I’m a taller dude at 6′-5″ and it sits mid-calf on me).  I can’t emphasize the tight fit enough. These are supposed to conform to your body, and they totally will.  And as a disclaimer, if you are afraid of undie lines and plan to wear these out. Then you might want to pair this pant with a thong or g. This pant is incredibly low rise, so if you’re a brief guy then maybe a sport bikini might be a good option.

I have the heather grey color option in size Medium. I am roughly between a 33”-34″ waist and I’d say it fits true to size since the medium is rated for a 32”-34.”   The material is relatively thin. The 94% cotton and 6% spandex material allows generous amounts of movement while retaining the right amount of support for all dudes of different sizes. One of my favorite features is the flat, seamless front; HUGE plus in my book.  This flat front design naturally conforms to your package with just the right amount of support. Without being overbearingly tight. The construction of the whole pant is quality. I have machine washed and dried these pants at least three times and I have to say that this pant is resilient. The material is still elastic and the color has remained true.  I have been a huge fan of N2N for quite some time. One of my biggest pet peeves with the brand is the quality control on sizing/cut.  I will say that all of the pieces I have from this current collection are spot on with the sizing and fit. So I would like to applaud N2N for stepping up their game.  This generation of runner is currently offered in a hunter green, royal blue, and heather grey.  I have the heather grey. Which is a little transparent, but honestly I kind of dig it, and so does my girl 😉 The other color options are darker so I’d bet they are less revealing.

Right now you can catch this awesome runner directly on the N2N website for $46 large.  I know this is a little of an investment, but entirely worth it if you aspire to bask in total comfort.  I am huge fan and collector of runners. This is definitely my go to pair for those days when you are hanging around at home.  The combination of material that is breathable, light and Stretchy. A style that is flattering for all shapes and sizes are the key components for comfortable pants. N2N hit it out of the ball park with this pair.  Thanks for answering my prayers, N2N!

BRAND: N2N Bodywear
PAIR: Cotton Sport Runner
COLORS: Hunter, Heather and Royal blue
FABRIC: 94% cotton / 6% spandex
SIZES: Small – XLarge
COST: $46.00



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