N2n Bodywear Spartan JockN2N Bodywear furnished the Spartan Jockstrap for review

Rating: 9/10

  • Daily Fit: 9/10
  • Sizing: 8.5/10
  • Construction: 9/10
  • Daily Performance: 9/10

Pros: Unique straps, cool waistband, great looking/comfy pouch

Cons: Straps could take some getting used too.

Beau Briefs recommendation: Yep, this is a good one to have!

When in Rome…you’re supposed to do something, I can’t quite remember. But when you’re in Sparta you slay! And it’s safe to say you’ll slay em in this jockstrap. I won’t lie, I was a bit skeptical about the cut. The straps are shaped a bit differently than I’m used to. The area that joins the straps to the waistband was a bit more triangular and I just wasn’t sure.

Well, I am now. It’s great! It’s a fun difference that helps set this pair apart from other jockstraps. Plus the additional fabric gives the colors more time to pop and contrast. It’s unique and in our world of modern day underwear. It can sometimes be difficult to be unique while not sacrificing functionality, wearability, or comfort. So kudos, N2N!

I am a big fan of the color combo that I got. I tried on (and am wearing as I write this) the dark gray and orange option. The orange piping is fun and the piping itself is strong and supportive. The other combos look like a lot of fun too, especially the mint.

Now this shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone but the pouch is very comfortable. I really enjoy N2N’s pouches like this. They are full enough to hold everything and kind of cradle everything in a way that is also very flattering. Sometimes when underwear is very flattening in the basket area the term “bulge” isn’t very accurate. But with N2N’s attention to the attraction these pouches are well deserving of the bulge moniker.

The waistband is awesome.

I remember back in elementary school learning about the Greek key and it is incorporated in a fun way with the N2N brand here. It’s eye-catching yet simple, like the original. The band size itself is also a good width, not overly large and not too small to be unable to do its job. Thumbs up Sparta!

So if you are looking for a new jockstrap to add to the collection this should definitely be on your list.

Brand: N2N Bodywear

Pair: SU2 Spartan Jockstrap

Colors: Grey/Orange, Mint/yellow, Black/white/red

Fabric: 95% Cotton / 5% Spandex

Sizes: Small – XL

Cost: $22.00

Furnished by: N2N Bodywear


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