Underwear has Magic PowersI can easily be accused of talking a lot about underwear and its magical powers. An accusation I am very proud of. At the core of my boastful pronouncements. Is the idea that the right pair. With the right cut, the right feel, the right design. Will imbue the wearer with an unlimited power of confidence and esteem. And the other day I got to embody this theory more so than I ever have before.

I connected with my good friend and favorite photographer Handsome.Pictures to do a photo shoot. Now, as some may know, this is not my first photoshoot, not even my first one with H.P. True. However, this one was different and I’d like to tell you why.

Ever since starting to write for Underwear News Briefs. I have been on a journey with underwear more than I had been before. The website has allowed me to further my underwear knowledge and experience. While growing as a person. I have always had a disconnect between my analytical brain and my stubborn heart. My brain has always seen myself as I am. A moderately cute, moderately intelligent guy who has some quirks. But generally loves his life. My heart was more a rollercoaster. With whether or not it believed in my cuteness or attractiveness, one day yes, one day oh lordy no.

It’s a struggle that I know everyone has in some form. You have the “facts” to let you know how you actually, 100% do look but like many people who watch a certain “news” network, facts don’t always matter. You just don’t believe it. And that’s often where the emphasis is placed.

Anyway, back to me ;). As I’ve been on my twitter @underloverwear (Beau Briefs) and as I’ve written for this website. I have had the privilege to grow into myself through underwear. Trying new brands. Trying new styles. Trying some of the wackiest stuff I never knew was out there. And it has changed me. For the better.

A few years ago I wrote a piece about my first ever photoshoot. I had a blast even though I was still fully engaged in the brain/heart struggle. The photos came back and there are some great ones, some of my favorite of me ever. There is also a handful of them that I know are not bad photos but that I cannot look at. I hate my face in them. I hate my body in them. Heck, I even hate my bulge in them. I wasn’t believing in myself in those photos and I can tell.

Again, a lot of those photos and the overall experience were good, very positive. But I half-assed it. I didn’t believe it in every single shot. I tried to rely on my analytical brain to power the shoot, not the heart. That was two years ago and I have grown. With the help of underwear, I have continued to form me and believe in myself.

So we scheduled a new shoot. We went out into the woods, found a creek, found some ferns and started shooting. And this time, I didn’t try so hard.

There were no horrible attempts at a serious, sexy, or seductive face. Those don’t work for me. And do you know why? Because I like to smile. I like to smile the crap out of life. And no matter what, to me, that is sexy and seductive. I did not try and be or do something that I am not. I’m not a smoldering, temptress with that stone cold stare. Or that hunky Adonis with a quiver-inducing gaze. I am a goofball and I am a damn cute one.

For the first pair, I chose a new swimsuit from Aussiebum. It is an adorable, multicolored piece that ties on the side (wear with caution). It fits tight and takes some assembly but it feels great. I blew up a cheap pink inner tube and jumped in the creek. And from that first photo, it was on.

I smiled. I smiled big and I knew that the underwear was right, it had the cut, it had the style, it had everything. All of the pairs that I brought did. I selected them for those reasons. They imbued me with that power, that magical energy and jouex de vivre. Each pair was special to me, for one reason or another but they all gave me that feeling.

When I wanted to go sexier, I changed into a different pair. To try and seduce the style changed. And when I wanted to be a bit campy I pulled out a different brand. But through it all I smiled and I believed. All of those undies tapped into that place in me. That place that we all have that doesn’t just inform us of how we are but makes us the believe it more strongly than we ever have.

I tweeted something last night that said, “Underwear is so much more than sex. So much more than fetish. When done right, underwear is uplifting. Underwear is all forms of desire.” And I truly believe that.

Right now I am wearing some cute light blue Jack Adams USA briefs and they are making me perky.

I cannot wait to see all of the photos but even more so. I cannot wait to continue this underwear journey that I’m on. Because it does so much more than just benefit my top drawer. it benefits my self-esteem, it benefits my mental health, hell, it benefits my soul.


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