85845-5551-xlr8-jock-strap-red-black-turn-webYou’re a pig, a nasty, nasty pig. And no one said that was a bad thing. Nasty Pig is back at it again. Doing what they do best. Delivering bold, brash, in your face pairs of underwear. That scream “Suuueyyyyy, Pig, Pig, Pig, Pig”. They even mention how the logo and name are centered on the waist band of these jockstraps and briefs. So that everyone will know, you’re a Nasty Pig.

Filthy, just filthy. Except by that I mean, these are really sleek designs. The black pouches with either red or white accents running up and down the pouch. It gives a dynamic look that is sure to draw the eye and whet the whistle. They both frame the pouch well and also add some additional texture to the look. Very strong.

The waist band is medium size band, with bold logo and brand name. The background has some layered, horizontal lines running all of the way around creating a very cool effect.

The fabric mix is 94% Modal 6% Spandex so it gives it that strong but flexible feel and look. Ideal those looking to break out from the cotton confines of other pairs. It also gives the colors, especially the black. A depth that doesn’t often show with different fabric choices. It’s a richness, especially on the pouch which is obviously where a richness should be.

The straps are, no doubt, sturdy. They aren’t pencil thin like some other jockstraps out there. That means they should be able to give actual support to your rear. To me, to be a successful jockstrap the straps have to be able to really make that booty pop. Based on how much lift one gets and Nasty Pig has a sterling reputation of making that happen.

Overall the pair is another solid pair that leaves no doubt who made it. It is Nasty Pig down to its core and if you consider yourself a nasty pig too, you’ll love these pairs. Be bold. Go bold. Get Nasty.

BRAND:  Nasty Pig
PAIR: XLR8 Brief or Jock
COLORS: Black/Red or White/Black
FABRIC: 94% Modal 6% Spandex
SIZES: Small – X-Large
COST: $29.00 for brief and jock

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