Hi, my name is Keith, and I’m addicted to underwear.

Truthfully, I don’t think I’ve crossed into addict territory yet. But my wallet has been groaning a bit the last couple months. I am as new to the underwear scene as I am to this site, and it has certainly been an interesting experience. I’ve never given underwear much thought– until age 18. My mom generally stocked that drawer in my dresser. Usually with the back-to-school special from the local supermarket. Once I hit college, money was scarce, bills were aplenty. When I had an extra buck or two, it usually found its way to the beer fund. New underwear wasn’t even on the radar, let alone premium underwear with a premium price tag.

I’m now 28 and have a grown-up job, grown-up bills, and a grown-up relationship. My partner and I moved in together one year ago this month and as many do, share a dresser. It was evident we have very different taste in underwear. For my birthday this past November, out of love (or disgust), he gave me my first two pairs of nicer underwear. They were simple Stance boxer briefs with fun prints. As I am easily amused, this was a bit of a home run. I flew home for Christmas wearing underwear with reindeer on them. Win. What blew my mind, was how comfortable they were. Light, smooth, airy, and I almost forgot I was wearing them. Double-win. That was really the tipping point. Once you wear something like that, you really can’t go back the all-white Haines boxer briefs. Before my trip home, I placed an order for an exorbitant amount of underwear on the 2(x)ist website (they were having a New Year’s sale, and it was the only brand I had recalled hearing much about).

Since I didn’t know much about underwear fit and my personal preferences, I ordered it all. Boxer briefs, briefs, jock-briefs, jocks, bikinis, and trunks in a mix of cotton and various poly-blends (it really was an insane order…). Having tried them for a few weeks now, I tend to gravitate towards the boxer briefs, trunks, and briefs. These are definitely a bit more conservative, and for getting my toes wet, much more comfortable. Also as a bigger guy (~6’2’’, a 36 waist, and solid 250lbs), I prefer a little support and the comfort of knowing I’m not hanging out in all the wrong places…

Which leads to this. A classically-trained pianist by night, and Immunologist by day writing for an underwear blog (folks, they truly are for everyone). I’m looking forward to starting this journey and sharing my experiences with the readers. I’ll give you the good and the bad, and look forward to suggestions. There are a lot of underwear out there, and I’ve got a few years worth to catch up on.


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