Winter may be coming to an end soon, but Cin2 is out with a thermal line to help keep you warm. Cin2 is a well-established brand that is one of the first brands I bought when I started to get into underwear. I have a soft spot for Cin2 and love how their underwear fits me when I wear it. The Thermal line looks nice when you first see it. It uses “heather” to help make the colors not so bright. The Thermal line is out now for purchase.

The Thermal line is nice because it features long underwear, but also a thermal shirt that matches. The shirt and underwear are both made of 60% Cotton, 40% Modal/Rayon/Viscose. There are long underwear and a long sleeve crew shirt. The shirt is Henley style, so it has a few buttons near the neck so you can open up the neck a little. The underwear and shirt come in “cell block” and “splash” which is dark gray and blue. This line would be for cold nights in or when you are out and about and need extra layers of your clothing. Wouldn’t be the best for the gym since it is designed to keep you warm.

I love the look of the line and enjoy the heathered colors. It softens to two colors so they are not super bright, but also you still get some color. I love the line is 60% cotton so it will be soft and warm feeling when you pull it on, no one likes cold underwear when you first pull it on! I love the Henley detail on the shirt to add more interest. It also helps the shirt not just look like an underwear shirt, so if you wanted to wear it on a normal day.

This is a nice stylish line that will help keep you warm on cold winter days and nights. The line features long underwear and long sleeve shirts that match, which is nice if you need the extra warmth. The Thermal line is available now on Cin2’s website.

BRAND: Cin2 Thermal
PAIR: Long Underwear and Long Sleeve Crew shirt
COLORS: Cell Block Heather, and Splash Heather
FABRIC: 60% Cotton, 40% Modal/Rayon/Viscose
COST: Underwear $60, Shirt $60


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