What do you wear under your clothes every day? More so, how do you pick it out every day as you get ready? Do you lay out your clothes and underwear the night before? Or do you pick them out at the spur of the moment as you get dressed? Do you match your underwear to anything else in your outfit or do you pick them out based on your mood at the time?

I tend to pick out my underwear based on my mood every morning, and also like them to match my clothes as much as possible. For instance, if you see me wearing a pink shirt or sweater, there is a 100% chance that I am wearing a pink thong underneath! I also like my socks to coordinate as well, so there’s a pretty good chance that they will match what I am wearing.

Another consideration that I give is what I will be doing throughout the day. If I am going to be doing something active, I may decide to wear a more supportive pair of underwear. Conversely, if I know I am just going to be in the office all day I will usually opt for a slinkier style thong or g-string to wear under my dress slacks.

I’m curious to see if any of you follow the same routine as I do. If you have your own system for wearing your underwear, I would love to know! For those of you with sizeable collections, how do you rotate through them? Do you wear them all or just several of your current favorites? Do you and a partner wear matching pairs?

IMG_0200Drop me a line in the comments and tell me what you do to pick out your underwear every day. Maybe you can help me find a way to cycle through my entire collection again!



  1. It all depends on the day. On Wednesday I wear pink, obviously. Otherwise it’s quite random. I love cheap generic briefs on a casual day, but I’ll wear a nice pair of CK briefs under an suit.

  2. I make my choice at the last minute based on my mood of the day. If I’m feeling daring I’ll wear a jock or super slim bikini. If I’m having a more conservative day I’ll grab a colorful brief or trunk, possibly mesh, to kick it up a bit. I don’t necessarily match the color to my outfit though. I prefer to be more spontaneous in the color choice.

  3. It depends on the the mood for me as well. Sometimes it works out that I coordinate but for the most part its style first One idea maybe cycle through the drawer a little is to pick a style week.

  4. For me I wear predominantly thongs. I personally like to match mine to shirts. One of my favorite looks for work is black dress pants, black shirt and black thong with black shoes and socks. If I’m having a big meeting or something I always go with one my favorite pairs, they make me feel more confident and relaxed. It’s hard for me to rotate my pairs well. I have about 75 pairs of thongs and g-strings. I find I have some favorite thongs I like to wear more often than not, but on the weekends or at night I try to pull out the less used pairs.

  5. Ditto on the mood. If I’m feeling cute that day, I’d probably wear one of my cheeky briefs/tangas. If I’m in a sexier mood, an everyday thong. If I have a date that night and need to show off the goods, I’d wear a skimpier thong/gstring.

  6. Bald Balls Reply

    I use two criteria. 1) mood; 2) function. I’m a HUGE underwear addict and wear jocks, low briefs, trunks, boxer briefs, and boxers. With my large collection of 200+ pair, the decision is sometimes overwhelming. If I’m going to sit all day, I’m usually in a jock or UnderArmour boxer briefs as I like the support of both. When exercising, it’s jocks 100%. If I’m going to do a lot of standing, it’s boxers or jocks. Occasionally, I will randomly wear a low rise brief.

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