Where do you shop for your underwear/swimwear? Do you buy directly from the manufacturer? From Amazon? How about eBay? If you answered yes to the latter, please read through to the end! I want to share a recent experience with you. First of all, I want everyone to be aware of all of the options we have in today’s age to buy ANYTHING we want online.

There are online underwear distributors, brick and mortar stores that sell online, and giant retailers (Amazon/eBay) that all sell underwear and swimwear at all different price points. All of these options have their specific pros and cons. If you buy directly from a manufacturer you may be able to sign up for some form of a rewards program. If you buy from Amazon and are a prime member, you’ll almost never pay for shipping. If you buy from an online store you may score some sweet deals on closeout products.

A few weeks ago I was browsing eBay for one of my favorite underwear brands when I saw a listing for a pair at a great price with free shipping. Additionally, the listing provided an option to “make an offer”, which I took advantage of. I made a lower offer than the asking price, which was quickly accepted. I waited a few days for the pair of underwear to arrive, carefully watching the tracking information online, and quickly opened the package once it arrived.

To my dismay, once I emptied the contents of the mailer envelope onto my bed, a simple printed invoice fell out along with a ziplock bag containing a pair of underwear emblazoned with the logo I am accustomed to seeing. I thought it was strange enough that I didn’t receive the normal manufacturer packaging that the underwear comes in, and even stranger when I removed the pair from the ziplock bag to examine closer. The underwear tag didn’t match the manufacturer! I quickly sent the eBay seller a message conveying my concern, and they quickly retorted with a “you should of read the listing closer” message and tried to pawn off the underwear as a product that was labeled differently as it had been packaged for international sale.

I did my research, and contacted the manufacturer (because I am an underwear reviewer right)? As I expected, the seller’s claim was bogus and the manufacturer stated the obvious-if you want an authentic product, make sure to buy it from the manufacturer’s website. Once again, I contacted the seller, explained that I had done some research and contacted the manufacturer, and indicated that I reviewed underwear. The seller immediately responded and told me that I was lying about being an underwear reviewer and made threats about reporting me for this or that on eBay.

I decided to just leave it alone and accept my losses. Until today-the seller sent me three more messages through eBay, making more and more threats, using profanity towards me (which is against eBay policy), and even using a number of racial and gender bashing slurs. My next course of action was to make another report to eBay who assured me that the seller had already been suspended from selling this item and if they continued to send me threatening messages their account would be terminated.

I have yet to see how this situation will conclude, but I felt that each of you should know how quickly an online transaction can change course. Please use good judgment when conducting online transactions, always deal with a reputable business, and use extreme caution when using platforms such as eBay, Craigslist, etc. There are too many variables in play to take chances dealing directly with another individual. Keep in mind that when you use a service like that, you typically make yourself vulnerable by either agreeing to provide your address or meet someone in person.

Above everything, I want everyone to be safe when you do your underwear shopping and not to put yourself in a bad position. Also, there are a TON of great sales going on with the Independence Day holiday this week, so get out there and buy something new and tell us about it in the comments! Stay safe and have a great Fourth of July whether you are celebrating with friends, family, or within your community!


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