Alongside leopard spots and camouflage, lace has become a fashion perennial in men’s underwear. Every year or so there are headlines about lace becoming a new ‘thing’, but it’s here to stay – and has been for a while at in the UK. Male lingerie made its debut more than a decade ago (remember HOM’s 3001 collection?) yet true lace designs, rather than translucent tulle or mesh, are still considered more daring, outré and, for some, risky. Fearless Brits are consistent buyers of lacy undies, from micro strings to long leg boxer briefs and leggings, skin tight t-shirts to wickedly wonderful bodies. Good job DGU sends everything in plain parcels!

Express yourself in lace from European male lingerie specialists L’Homme Invisible who also create great devoré and tattoo effect men’s underwear.

L’Homme Invisible Ocean Life V Neck T-shirt £84


An early arrival for autumn is the French brand’s subtle take on lace – an ultra fine leaf effect fabric. Part of a botanical inspired collection from HOM.

HOM Autumn Trunk £32


If you love lace, Manstore from Germany is one of the go-to brands on DGU. Their Cheeky Body in azure or apricot with a strappy front and racer back earns the name for sure!

Manstore M766 Cheeky Body £57


Did we say daring? Joe Snyder’s designers are maestros when it comes to combining minimalism with maximum impact – and enhancement. Their latest Bulge offering comes in black or white lace, tulle or lots of solid colours.

Joe Snyder Thong Maxi Bulge 06 £27


Dip your toe into the lingerie experience with a Doreanse short that adds an opaque pouch to luscious lace. This look is also available as brief 1353 (£13) and longer leg boxer brief 1953 (£21).

Doreanse 1952 Lace Boxer £17


Yes, a LACE jockstrap. Quite something isn’t it? Joe Snyder’s limited edition comes in black or white and one size.

Joe Snyder Lacy Jockstrap 16 Ltd Edition £22




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