Rating: 6.4/10 (Average of the ratings below)

  • Daily Fit: 3/10
  • Sizing: 7/10
  • Construction: 9/10 (I’m rating this on quality of construction, not fit)
  • Styling: 10/10
  • Daily Performance: 3/10

Pros: Styling is sharp and clean, legstraps fit well, visually appealing


Recommendation: I was disappointed in the purchase, I don’t recommend purchasing this jockstrap.

I purchased three jocks from 10SevenUnderwear.com which were the three color options offered, the black, yellow, and green. One of the main reasons for my purchase was the appearance. The color scheme has an athletic look to them, which is a feature I like in jockstraps and underwear in general. Not very many jocks offer wide legstraps, so I was wanting to try something a little different. This was my only purchase from 10Seven, and it was my first introduction to their underwear. Because of the appearance and styling of these jockstraps, I was really excited when they arrived; however my opinion changed after wearing and I will go into detail a bit later in this review.

My initiation of these jocks were the usual functions: lifting, errands, work, daily wear, even cardio. I probably gave each jock a half dozen tries as I really wanted to like them, however, the pouch never gave in and the sausage & meatballs felt more like minced meat. My theory on keeping at it was to see if the pouch would eventually give a bit, but no dice. Waistband and legstraps performed very well.

10Seven Sport Jocks have a material composition containing 95% Cotton and 5% Spandex. Waistband is 2” wide and legstraps are 1-1/8”. Cut is a traditional cut with the legstraps connecting to the waistband at the side of the hips. From a structural perspective, these jockstraps are built really well. I like the legstraps as they didn’t fold or twist, the waistband fit well and didn’t roll. Even the pouch construction is good, just NO EFFING ROOM FOR THE SAUSAGE & MEATBALLS!!. My goal is not be become a countertenor.

All three jocks were a size large (L) and unfortunately, the 10Seven website doesn’t have a size chart readily available. I usually wear a 33” waist in jeans, so I went with the norm of Large. This was a good guess in terms of the waistband sizing. Currently, the 10Seven website has a disclaimer for the ‘Sport Jock’ reading “PLEASE NOTE: THE SPORT JOCK RUNS A SIZE SMALL. PLEASE BE SURE TO ORDER A SIZE LARGER THAN YOU WOULD NORMALLY WEAR TO ENSURE COMFORT.“ So, if you do purchase from 10Seven, keep the disclaimer in mind. Again, I struggled and didn’t find a sizing chart.

Now for the heartbreak, I gave up on the 10Seven jockstraps and threw them out. I REALLY wanted to like these jockstraps; however, I’m not willing to sacrifice the sausage & meatballs for fashion. Ironically, the 10Seven brand is supposedly designed by Rocco Steele, a porn star with an advertised endowment of 10” long x 7” girth. Makes me wonder how Rocco keeps everything contained. Sometimes you win some, sometimes you lose; in this instance I lost.

PAIR: 10 Seven Sport Jock
COLORS: Black, Yellow, Green. All with white legstraps and white piping
FABRIC: 95% cotton, 5% Spandex
SIZES: S, M, L, XL, and XXL
COST: $20

Height & Weight: 5’9” (175 cm) – 195 lbs. (88.5 kg)
Jean Waist Size: 32”-33” (81 cm – 84 cm)
Build: Athletic, squats are my friend, six-pack has some insulation
Sausage & Meatballs: hung like a horse, a seahorse, but still a horse

Reviewer is Jockstrap Junkie


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