I discovered this brand on social media (Twitter: @skinfit_mexico; Instagram: @skinfit.mexico) and just had to try their products.  They sell a wide variety of products:  underwear, swimwear, and sport/gym wear (singlet, tights, etc.).  SkinFit is a Mexican company that was established in 2017 whose mission is to provide “Sportswear and Underwear for the current man with satisfaction guarantee”.

I will be reviewing both the Tanga Skin and the Tanga Bulge styles.  

PAIR: Tanga Skinand Tanga Bulge

COLORS: Black, White, Red, Burgundy, Purple, Navy, Royal Blue, Plumbago Blue, Turquoise, Sky Blue, Mexican Pink, Pastel Pink, Magenta, Bougainvillea, Grape, Brown, Nude, Yellow, Neon Yellow, Orange, Emerald Green, Neon Green, Oxford Gray, Silver, Gold, Lilac, Aqua Green, Olive Green

FABRIC: Nylon satin lycra (92% Nylon, 8% Elastane)

SIZING: Small (28-30), Medium (30-32), Large (32-34), Extra Large (34-36)

COST:  $20.00 USD  (15% off first order for new customers with coupon:  NEWCUSTOMER)


Rating: 9.4 / 10

  • Daily Fit: 9 / 10
  • Sizing: 7 / 10
  • Construction: 10 / 10
  • Styling: 10 / 10
  • Daily Performance: 10 / 10 


  • Many color options to choose from.
  • Choose your pouch style.  The pairs are essentially the same otherwise.  
  • Shiny and stretchy lycra material that is very comfortable and supportive.
  • Marketed as underwear, but can easily be worn as swimwear.


  • Made to order, so takes a little longer to arrive.
  • Unconventional sizing, which runs a little tight.

Recommendation: Highly recommended, especially if you love Joe Snyder.  If you’re at the upper end of a size range, consider ordering the larger size.


I bought the Tanga Skin style in purple and burgundy and the Tanga Bulge style in royal blue and emerald green. My waist size is 33-34 and I normally wear a size medium in most brands, but I followed the size guidelines and ordered large.

I placed my order December 22ndand they arrived January 15th.  I was quite surprised they arrived so soon as they are made to order and ship from Mexico (via FedEx).  I’ve had domestic, stock-based orders take longer to arrive!  Upon opening the package, I was very excited to try them on. The colors were vibrant.  The fabric reminded me of my favorite speedos. When I slipped the first pair on for the first time, I was not disappointed.  The only issue I have is they’re a little snug at the hips.  This, along with the unconventional sizing ranges, is the reason for the Sizing rating of 7 above.  I probably should have gone with the extra large and will consider that for future orders.

I have worn all four pairs for a variety of activities: work, gym, tennis match, lounging around, out and about with friends, etc.  Having just finished my #yearofthethong in 2018, I have a pretty good idea of what I like and don’t like about a thong.  Try wearing one every day for a year and not form strong opinions!  Tim will say I already had strong opinions, and he would be right!  😊  

After slipping them on, I was immediately reminded of Joe Snyder, including the snugness.  The quality is just as high.  The material, I feel, is a little thicker without feeling stiff. It’s very stretchy and comfortable. I easily wore them all day, no matter what activities I had planned.  Even though they were a little snug, I didn’t experience the dreaded discomfort at my tailbone that I get when a pair is too tight (*ahem* N2N recent swimwear styles *ahem*).  

The construction is fantastic! The side straps are about ¾” thick giving it a skimpier, sexy look than many thong styles on the market.  The back strap (between your cheeks) is about 1”, which is on the upper end of the comfortable range.  The seams are virtually unnoticeable.  I hate when a pouches center seam rubs against my package all day, or I can feel where the pouch attaches to the back strap at the taint. 

These styles are listed under their Underwear collection, but they can easily be worn as swimwear as well. They’re unlined, so the lighter colors will likely be somewhat see-thru when wet (if this is your desired effect, go for it!).  I plan to give these a try at the pool, beach, or boat this summer!  

The only difference between these two styles is the pouch.  The Tanga Skin has what I would consider a traditional thong pouch – similar to the Thong 03 style from Joe Snyder.  The material is stretchy enough that your goodies aren’t smooshed all day, and you can easily wear them pointing up or down.  The Tanga Bulge has more of a bulgy, roomier pouch – similar to the Bulge Thong 02 style from Joe Snyder.  The larger pouch, along with the stretchy material, ensure that your goodies are kept pushed forward and comfortable all day long.  With this style (and most other bulge styles), you’re better off pointing down.  I did notice that the bulge pouch also causes the front to have a lower rise, probably a full inch of difference between the two.

I will most definitely be adding more of both styles to my (ever growing….and maybe out of control) collection in the near future!

Tanga Skin and the Tanga Bulge 


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  1. Darin W Davenport Reply

    I like your review and Wii definitely try a pair. You look amazing in them.

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