Hello undies lovers, I’m here to introduce myself as the newest contributor on Underwear News Briefs. I am excited to be a part of this community, as I am a life long underwear lover. Recently, I’ve been posting photos of me in my undies on Instagram and am so flattered and shocked by the significant amount of support I’ve been getting. Unlike most of the guys who fill up our undies news feeds, I’m a thicker guy – hence the ‘cub’ part of my name.

This week, I was honored to kick off my contributions to the blog by recording an episode of the Podcast, and I hope I can follow up here with a little get to know me session. As UndiesCub, I’ve been posting pictures in all my favorite styles of underwear – from thongs to jocks and briefs and more. It hasn’t been easy to grow my confidence as a ‘real guy’ sharing this side of me, but I’m really growing from the feedback and support and excited to keep up with it.

As I mentioned, I’ve always been into undies. I think from the Sears catalog men in bikini briefs, to the nearly nude models at Abercrombie, but mostly the hunks on the boxes in the underwear section of the department store. Those boxes, showing off briefs, and jocks and more just teased and taunted me! I never could understand the comfort or desire to wear boxers. I tried in high school, but I just never understood. Though not an athletic person – I did try a few sports here and there, just to have an excuse to own a jockstrap! Then, I acquired my first thong.

I remember it vividly, at JC Penny, the only one they had was a silly gimmick thong for Valentines Day. It was a month or so passed then and on sale for very little money. It was black, shimmery with red hearts all over it. I was so nervous when I went to buy it, it was wadded up in a ball in my hand till it was my turn to pay. I tried to act cool, and then said to the clerk – it was a gag gift. As soon as the transaction was done – I ran to the closest mall restroom and put it on. It felt great, and loved wearing it for the rest of the day. I think that’s when I was truly hooked on the fun and thrill of undies. Knowing I had this little secret on under my clothes – something special that was just mine.

Since then, I’ve grown a lot in my undies exploration. All types of cuts and fits, and with my different body shapes along the way – it can be frustrating at times. I also had moments of shame or embarrassment, and have thrown away a few great pairs of undies I certainly wish I hadn’t! But that is how it goes for some of us, and now my undies drawer is, and I’d love to grow it more.

Currently, my biggest brand collections are Andrew Christian, 2Xist, and Ginch Gonch. Between price (aka sales) and fit – they have all been consistently great brands for me and good for daily wear. However, I am looking to broaden my collection and can’t wait to see what brands I fall in love with next!

One of my goals with this blog is to share the experience of guys with different body types, and how they can feel and be sexy in ANY style of undies. I am tired of the views that bigger guys need to wear bigger, less revealing underwear. In fact, for myself -my thighs are thick, and I need to wear non boxer style underwear, or they will rub and bunch in such an uncomfortable way.

That is why for me, I’m a thong, jock, brief, bikini man. From skimpy to supportive and strapy to seductive. I love to play with color and fabric too. I hope to share my journey with all the great readers and hope you can find me as a ‘real guy’ to be a useful resource in the world of men’s underwear!


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