I’ve just returned from nearly a week of fun in the sun in Puerto Vallarta. Living in the Midwest means I always need a winter escape to help beat the winter blues, and this vacation is just what I needed.

While soaking up the sun, I spent time observing the variety of swimwear choices on the men around me. It made me reflect on my own swimwear journey over the last few years. While swim briefs ruled supreme in Puerto Vallarta, at least at the gay beach, I still spied more baggy swim trunks on guys than I had hoped to see. My initial disappointment in the abundance of baggy swim trunks was also a reminder to myself that less than five years ago, I was that guy.

In less than five years, I have gone from baggy swim trunks, to swim briefs, to swim thongs. At each stop along that journey, I have had to overcome my nerves more than anything. The fear of judgment from others is never the easiest thing to overcome, but freeing once you do. What I have learned along this journey is that most people never say anything (positive or negative), most never even turn their heads (to look at me or to avoid), and most are too busy enjoying their own vacation to worry about what some stranger is wearing.

While I frequently find myself as the lone thonger in many scenarios, I have learned that I can influence others, simply by being myself. For some, it has inspired them to try a thong for the first time….my DM’s on Instagram quickly filled up with guys asking my advice on their first thong purchase. For others, it has inspired them to branch out with their swimwear. One of my Instagram buddies and I were able to meet up while in Puerto Vallarta. He told me that he had been inspired by me, to wear swim briefs for the first time in public.

My advice for all of you, branch out to some skimpier swimwear during your next vacation. While it’s not always easy to be the only one wearing something skimpy, you’d be surprised at how little most people care. You’d also be surprised at how much it can inspire and influence others. And if you are not quite ready to be bold in public, pick up a skimpy suit and wear it around your house, in your backyard, or other places where you can become more confident and comfortable. Seek out public places that are more accepting at first. I find that most tropical vacation locations are usually full of people who are there to enjoy themselves and people are less uptight about others. Clothing optional resorts are also a great place for beginners.

Overall, life is too short to spend your vacation worrying about what others will think…especially people you are likely never going to see again. Rock the swimwear you want and do it with confidence. The more comfortable you are in your own skin (and swimwear), the less of a reaction those around you will have.



  1. I love reading your thoughts and hearing about your experiences. You are very right about our ability to inspire others by wearing what we want. I’ve seen it happen many times in my travels. On a cruise to Norway three years ago, I was the lone guy in a Speedo for the first couple of days. However, by the third day, I was seeing more guys wear smaller suits. One guy even left the pool wearing board shorts and came back in a Speedo. While I can’t take credit for it, I like to think that seeing me be uninhibited in my swimwear choice might have just given him the confidence to do the same. I truly believe most guys are interested in wearing smaller suits and would do so if they weren’t so afraid. Sometimes we have to help each other find our courage.

    Well done!

    • scruffygear Reply

      I certainly think you inspired the board short guy to change into something he really wanted to wear. Bravo!

  2. Briefsbuff Reply

    Don’t ever change, Andy! You’re an inspiration to so many more than you probably realize!

  3. Thank you, Scruffygear, you always have so many good things to contribute.

  4. I can’t agree more with that ” life is too short to spend your vacation worrying about what others will think…” I do the same and wear my favs swimwear anywhere I want. Just enjoy life! Thanks Scruffygear!

  5. the_thonged_ginger Reply

    I gotta say, I have started branching out the last year and have worn more swim briefs recently at my gym. I get the occasional look but most are pretty impressed, few kinds dirty looks but overall generally positive. I would wear a thong there but the pool has explicit rules on “modesty.” I’m waiting till I can go to a resort like you did with just me and my wife and wear my thongs.

    BTW, SunSplash Weekend is at the end of July and all men are welcome to go and wear there thongs all weekend. I doubt I’ll get to go but I for sure would like too.

    • scruffygear Reply

      I hope you get the opportunity to wear a swim thong at a resort soon. Fair warning, once you feel the sun on your buns, it’s difficult to go back to anything else!

  6. I’m 22 and have always wanted to wear thongs, ever since I was younger, but I was too afraid to. Seeing your posts made me inspired to start shopping for some pairs of thongs. I want to be able to be with guys like you on the beach one day, comfortable and care free.

    • scruffygear Reply

      I’m glad you’re inspired! Wear what makes you happy! Hope to see you on a beach in one someday!

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