Boxer Brief


I had never heard of Mr. Smith’s before I received this pair, so I was definitely excited to try something new!  From their site, Mr. Smith’s seems to be a “good basic” type of brand with a down to earth vibe.  They say their underwear are for everyday wear, from work to the gym. They design and even make the undies in the UK, which I respect since most brands outsource labor to save money.  On to the underwear…

Trunks and boxer briefs aren’t my go-to style because they ride up my legs and I run warm so less fabric is usually better for me.  When I first put these on, I definitely needed to stretch out the elastic around the thighs because they were TIGHT!  A few quick pulls and that was a remedied. These are a nice cotton with some stretch and a good pouch.  Nothing overly sexy or fancy here, but definitely not a cheap, run of the mill trunk with no shape.  Only trunks and briefs are offered and in very limited colors, so I wouldn’t say these are for those who love bright, outrageous undies.

This pair was a medium and I’d say they fit appropriately – maybe a little snug, but not enough to size up.

I wore these to work and then on some errands afterward and they held up well.  The legs, of course, rode up as all BB & trunks do on me, but it was manageable. The pouch was great, and they were comfortable all day.  I do wish they had more colors/fabrics and that there was just a bit more attention to detail.  Little things: the waistband repeats Mr. Smith’s all around but there is also a Mr. Smith’s tag on the front center of the waistband.  It isn’t measured out evenly so they overlap and it just doesn’t look as finished as it could. That might just be a little bit of my OCD.  I would definitely try a pair of briefs from Mr. Smith’s.  The trunks were nice, not very exciting, but good.  At $24, they aren’t the cheapest, and may be priced a bit high for a basic trunk. Overall, I was happy to discover a new brand and add another pair to my rotation.


Daily Fit – 8 

Sizing – 8

Construction/Materials – 8

Styling – 8 

Daily Performance – 8 

Overall –  8


COLORS: Black or White
SIZES: Small – X-large
COST: £18.00