Mr Smith’s Underwear


This pair was furnished for review by Mr Smith. All opinions are that of the reviewer.

Daily Fit – 9
Sizing – 9
Construction/Materials – 8
Styling – 7
Daily Performance – 9
Overall – 8.4

A good, updated version of a classic brief
Nice fabric with stretch

Limited colors
The pouch could be a little bigger
Not inexpensive and shipped from the UK, so the price can add up

Mr. Smith’s is a brand out of the UK with only two styles (briefs & trunks) and three colors (black, white & gray/silver). This is my second pair of Mr. Smith’s, and I anticipated enjoying them after my initial positive experience with a pair of trunks. I like a good, classic pair of briefs that work as everyday wear and these fit the bill. The cut is between basic briefs and bikini briefs, which I feel would make it appealing for any brief wearer. There is a standard sized waistband with Mr. Smith’s logo repeating all the way around.

I wore these running errands and hanging around the house, but I think they could be worn at the gym, as well. The website doesn’t give exact fabric details, and there wasn’t a tag in the back, but it does mention that the cotton fabric has a touch of Lycra which helps them keep their shape throughout the day. They stayed in place with minimal adjustments necessary.

With a 31-32 waist, I usually wear a medium, and these fit as expected. There is a pouch that’s a bit bigger than average but not as exaggerated or large as some brands these days. I think ordering your actual size would be just fine for most guys.

I enjoyed my second pair of Mr. Smith’s and would recommend giving them a try. For guys who aren’t adventurous with underwear but would like to elevate their gear, these would be perfect. Nothing too risqué or flashy, pleasant and comfortable, and you could be seen changing in the locker room and blend in.

Pair: Mr Smith’s Silver Brief
Color: Silver
Fabric: TBA
Sizes: Small – X-Large
Price: £18.00

I had never heard of Mr. Smith’s before I received this pair, so I was definitely excited to try something new!  From their site, Mr. Smith’s seems to be a “good basic” type of brand with a down to earth vibe.  They say their underwear are for everyday wear, from work to the gym. They design and even make the undies in the UK, which I respect since most brands outsource labor to save money.  On to the underwear…

Trunks and boxer briefs aren’t my go-to style because they ride up my legs and I run warm so less fabric is usually better for me.  When I first put these on, I definitely needed to stretch out the elastic around the thighs because they were TIGHT!  A few quick pulls and that was a remedied. These are a nice cotton with some stretch and a good pouch.  Nothing overly sexy or fancy here, but definitely not a cheap, run of the mill trunk with no shape.  Only trunks and briefs are offered and in very limited colors, so I wouldn’t say these are for those who love bright, outrageous undies.

This pair was a medium and I’d say they fit appropriately – maybe a little snug, but not enough to size up.

I wore these to work and then on some errands afterward and they held up well.  The legs, of course, rode up as all BB & trunks do on me, but it was manageable. The pouch was great, and they were comfortable all day.  I do wish they had more colors/fabrics and that there was just a bit more attention to detail.  Little things: the waistband repeats Mr. Smith’s all around but there is also a Mr. Smith’s tag on the front center of the waistband.  It isn’t measured out evenly so they overlap and it just doesn’t look as finished as it could. That might just be a little bit of my OCD.  I would definitely try a pair of briefs from Mr. Smith’s.  The trunks were nice, not very exciting, but good.  At $24, they aren’t the cheapest, and may be priced a bit high for a basic trunk. Overall, I was happy to discover a new brand and add another pair to my rotation.


Daily Fit – 8 

Sizing – 8

Construction/Materials – 8

Styling – 8 

Daily Performance – 8 

Overall –  8


COLORS: Black or White
SIZES: Small – X-large
COST: £18.00