SafeTgard Jockstrap


At Jockstrap Central, this week only, the already affordable SafeTGard Jocks are 15% off. This includes both 3 Inch and Swimmwer versions in all colors: red, blue, black and white. Isn’t time to stock up on these classics?

Also, due to an overstocking accident, their hugely popular and oh-so-sexy Pikante Mesh Jocks are on sale for 20% off – but also for this week only. They come in two flavors: black or white.

Both sales end Wednesday, January 25th so act quickly before your size/color run out.

11Here is an email we got from Brief Tales, its great if you’re looking for a jock!

This Season’s…Heatin’ Up-
And Our Testosterone Is RISING!
On the Baseball Diamond- in the Pool- on the Track or Cross-Country Trail…

Get Up!  Get Going!…Warm Up In A Fresh New Jock!

Active Man Jockstrap Last time we showed off our New Jocks from- ActivenMan! with a 3″ waist band,or the sleek Sport…

Bike Jockstrap – Kirk But Don’t Ever Forget About-Our Classic Bikes! …hard and soft options, go wide-or get in the swim!

And Stretch Out Even More In:SafeTGard Blue SafeTGard Red SafeTGuard!
…extra Color, Style, and Size options!

Options!  We’ve got ’em!
More Logos, Styles, Colors, Fabrics… even Leather!
Check out our other BriefTales Jockstrap Options: Baskit, RIPS, Activeman, Bike, CN2, Champion, GoSoftWear, Jocko, MalePower, SafeTgard, N2N.

So come on- STRIVE!  And… gotta say it: