We send you back to 2015 and the UNB Swimwear shoot. We had so much fun shooting this one! We worked with some of our favorite guys Michael, Chandler, Nathan, and newcomer Bobby. The one thing I remembered about this shoot is the stairs from the house to the lake were at least 5 stories down. I went down them in the morning and came back up winded but triumphant. However, at the end of the day, I didn’t make it back up. I had to take a break halfway up. This picture features Clever Moda.

So many of you guys love Skinzwear, and I will admit the one pair I have is pretty awesome, and I’m not a thong guy. They have just released the new “Jungle” collection! This collection is a set of animal prints that come in one of the many fantastic styles that Skinzwear is known for, and you can get these in your favorite style.

Skinzwear is made for a guy who loves unique swimwear. The brand knows how to make such a great fitting pair that feels comfy all day long. They have so many new prints and colors to choose from already; adding these animal prints makes it even better. I do love some animal prints.

The prints I have seen are the tiger, leopard, snake, and more! You can see in the pics that the prints do pop and will command attention anywhere you wear them. No matter if you are a thong or a bikini guy. Go to their site to shop for even more styles, prints, and colors.

Have you guys checked out Ikakos Swimwear? They have some great prints and super fun colors. Ikakos is a fun and sophisticated limited edition men’s swimwear line featuring colorful, original prints crafted with eco-friendly materials. Our name is a play on Cayo Icacos, a beautiful cay island on the east coast of Puerto Rico and a favorite spot for local boaters. 

With an emphasis on originality, quality and renewable materials, Ikakos Swimwear is ready to become your new go-to for the beach, pool, or wherever you want to make a statement

What is today? It’s Baskit $12 Tuesday! The day you get a pair of underwear sometimes more than half off the regular price. The pair this week is the Baskit Contrast trunk. Check out this amazing pair. Here is more about the Contrast line.

So you want quality, primo men’s underwear that looks good and gets the job done?

Oh, and you’re tired of boring black or grim gray?

No problem! Baskit’s Contrast collection offers you solid colors with tastefully contrasting elements that are sure to keep all your parts looking great and feeling even better. 

So, give up the tired ‘tighty whities’ you grew up with and grab a pair of our Contrast.

You’ll be glad you did! 

Todd Sandfield has really taken his brand to the next level. The underwear and swimwear have been top-notch and I know many of you have been wondering when he will release a swim thong, well that wait is over. He just dropped the Shore Thong!

This new swim thong is available in three different colors. Those colors are Sand (tan), Onyx Sand (black), and Otter (brown). The one interesting thing about this new thong is it has an inner drawstring. Most thongs don’t have this feature, so I’m curious how this will work out. I have a feeling that it won’t cause too many issues.

The cost of this new thong is $70. Which is a premium for swimwear. However, the quality of Todd’s line has been impeccable. I do think that you won’t be disappointed with the pair. If you get a pair let us know!

Back to carefree life!

MODUS VIVENDI remembers and misses 50’s vibes and presents Country Line. A full collection has been landed and features the signature aesthetic of those days, which were full of romanticism and nostalgia. That time, when we were happy having a pic-nick under the sun, with the flavor of some homemade delicacies. Have a look in all the micro checked design from the Country Line and add a dash of fifties preppy style to your wardrobe. Feel free to wear it by blending styles from your contemporary closet and your lovely throw-back looks.

Beautiful and unique pieces featuring an elasticated matching waistband with embossed logo on them while the soft jacquard semi-elasticated fabric (ecofriendly) is the element that will make this line stand out of the crowd. Part of our responsible edit, knitted according to GOTS and under dyeing, washing procedure, complies with the OCS.

Don’t waste your time and choose your favorite country piece between of briefs, boxers, low cut briefs, jockstraps, tanga briefs, shirts & tanktop while you can find them available in pink, blue & yellow.

Modus Vivendi Country Line Campaign is online and you can check it out here. Products available from €25.00 and you can discover them here.


Photographer: Xanthos Georgiou @xanthosstudio Videographer: Xanthos Georgiou @xanthosstudio / Models: Ioannis Toumazou @johnny_tmz & Panos Georgiou @panosgeo21 Campaign: Country Line Location: Cyprus

If you are a fan of the more erotic side of N2N Bodywear, it’s your time to rejoice. The Sheer Skin Biker is back. Released a few years ago this line has become one of the most popular pieces of spandex gear. Why you may ask because the mesh panels show off extra skin. In version 2.0 the solid fabric has gone a bit sheer with the patterned mesh. I think this pair is a bit more for private play but I know guys have worn it to the gym (one that is a lot more accepting than those around me) and out to run and more. I tip my cap for the confidence to show off in this pair. Get this pair before its gone.

Summer is almost here and it is the season that you must choose the right swimwear that will accompany you on your getaways. Whether you want something simple to wear to the beach or something that you will look extra-sharp at the pool, now would be a good time to upgrade your swim attire! We’ve compiled a list of the best bathing suits for men from our favourite brands!

CODE 22 – Free Style Mini Briefs

The Free Style Mini Briefs of CODE 22 are one of the most sexy swimwear designs of this season! This super low rise swimwear is made from a top quality polyamide blend and fast drying fabric. We are sure that with these mini briefs all eyes will be on you! They come in three fashionable colours: black, grape and sky blue.

Marcuse – Forrest Swim Briefs – Green

Today tropical prints are a trend in the underwear and swimwear fashion. Floral swimwear add a sense of fun and put you a very summery mood. Based on this, the Marcuse Forrest Swim Briefs are the best choice for this summer! This swimwear is inspired by nature and desire and features an eye-catching print with leaves and flowers in green and red hues.

Andrew Christian – Riviera Swim Trunk

Experience the glamour and sex appeal of the French Riviera with the stylish Andrew Christian Riviera Swim Trunk. This is a slimming, form-fitting cut, and will quickly become your favourite pair of trunks. Sleek, sexy, and sophisticated, perfect for the pool, the beach and any kind of water sports! It’s available in navy blue too.

Marcuse – Tasman Swim Briefs – Pink

The Tasman Swim Briefs of Marcuse will take you to the next level of naughty and sexy. Designed with a super low waist that will keep just the minimum covered, you will showcase your assets in the most attractive way possible. An exceptional bikini swim brief cut that will flatter your body on the beach!

CODE 22 – Medley Swim Briefs

Boost your confidence with something innovative and sexy. The Medley Swim Briefs feature a classic swim briefs shape but with a CODE 22 twist: the pouch is made with the Power Shape system. Power Shape is an engineered pouch designed to fit the male anatomy with a keyhole and foam padding for a rounder, fuller look. Everybody is going to notice your impressive bulge in this enhancing mens swimwear! Available in three colours: green, blue and pink.

CODE 22 – Medley Swim Shorts – Pink

In addition to swim briefs, the Medley collection also includes swim shorts in the same colour hues. The Medley Swim Shorts are a classic, athletic swimwear that features a retro style with a double stripes detailing on the sides and pockets. The lining on the inside of the shorts has an anatomical shape, is made from a fast dry, polyamide mesh, and will keep you protected and cool.

SKIN tanks and briefs truly feel like a second skin. Gently conforming to the contours of your body, they are light, flexible and silky to the touch. Although you need to feel it to fully understand how SKIN feels, you may think of it like a smooth velvety suede that subtly compresses around your body for the perfect amount of support without being restrictive.
Wear the Skin collection to match or wear it because you love it. Available in 5 glorious shades – Amazing, Fabulous, Gorgeous, Marvelous, and Stunning. Because we’re ALL beautiful.

SKIN collection: 

This week the Baskit $12 Tuesday pair is the Bask Low-Rise Trunk in Pink, Blue or Red | Baskitwear!

Boasting bold colors, clean lines, and a superior fit, our Bask collection brings together the best of baskit to create underwear that fits you to a T without pinching or binding. “This underwear fits me so well I think twice about changing it!” admits John from Telluride.

If your underwear is not causing to you think twice about taking it off, it might be time to change to Baskit’s Bask collection!  Look perfect in pink, bold in blue or real in red as you bask in the glory of you!

Cocksox just released their newest collection called Mod. This is a collection that brings out some fabulous prints and amazing new solid colors. The best part is it comes in all your favorite styles. The collection’s colors are Carnaby (amazing print), Mayfair (blue), Brighton (red), and Piccadilly (Yellow).

Here is what Cocksox says about the line:

Iconic style – modern day performance. Designs inspired by the perennial charm of 1960’s Mod fashion. The Mod Collection is a throwback to an aspirational era of sharp style, parka jackets and Italian scooters flashing through city streets. Featuring clean lines, vibrant colour combinations and the sophisticated chic of the Carnaby print, the Mod Collection captures the optimism and energy of this trendsetting generation.  

Find this collection at the Cocksox site or your favorite retailer.