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There are so many amazing underwear manufacturers who are becoming more environmental conscience and socially responsible.  Soleone is one such manufacturer who’s created a biodegradable and hypoallergenic line of underwear.  Likewise, within the fabric, they have built in properties to wick away odor and moisture, keeping you dry.

This particular pair titled, ‘Lower Riser’ is made mostly from bamboo fiber (95%) which is incredibly soft and luxuriously comfortable.  With bamboo being a sustainable resource means it is grown without pesticides or fertilizers.  We can all appreciate a garment that’s safe for our bodies and the environment.  This line is only available in black or white.

Upon initial inspection of this brief, I was visually impressed with the quality of construction, elegant esthetic and the incredible feel of the fabric.  I immediately threw them in the wash and slipped them on when they came out of the dryer.   Throughout the remaining of the day, I was amazingly impressed with how well the low rise cut fit appropriately across my waistline and felt securely in place provided by the Soleone signature, spandex waistband.

However, these are extremely comfortable, well-constructed and provide a high quality of materials and definitely represent high end, fashionable underwear.   I worn these several times within a 3 week period and never once found them uncomfortable or ever realized that I wearing a low rise brief.   While I’m not excited about their price points on their line of underwear, I’m very impressed by the quality of fabrics and construction that go into their brief.   If you’re looking for a classic and well-constructed low rise brief, you might consider giving these a try.

Personal scoring as follows:


Fit: 5.0
Materials: 5.0
Construction: 5.0
Look: 5.0
Daily Wear: 4.5
Overall: 4.9

This boxer brief was provided by Soleone Underwear and can be purchased directly from their website at the following:

Anyone looking for a nice new pair of underwear should try SoleOne underwear.  Ultra comfortable and form fitting bamboo fabric makes this pair of boxer briefs simply wonderful.  The pair that I was given was white with a black waistband with white lettering on it.

The soft fabric of bamboo created a soft feel to the touch and to the areas covered by the undies.  The boxer brief is more of a trunk fit, in my opinion with shorter legs than a normal pair of boxer briefs.  This boxer brief had a roomy and stretchy pouch with no fly that comformed to my body as I wore them.  The waistband is approximately one and a half inches wide and was comfortable.  This pair featured paneled construction.  Featured on the rear was a back seam to accentuate the rear.

The size large was a perfect fit.  When I opened the package, I was surprised by how wrinkly the underwear was, but I washed it in cold water and actually dried it in the dryer (contrary to care instructions).  The wrinkles were completely gone after the process of cleaning them.  The boxer brief was like wearing a second skin that was not too tight nor too lose, but just right in the tauntness and give of the fabric.  I wore these on standard days of general daily activity.  My jeans and khakis had no issue with clinging to the pair due to the fabric composition.  Overall, the fit was nice and I enjoyed wearing them.  The price is similar to other specialty underwear and you may order it from the SoleOne website for $34 with free shipping on orders of $99 or more.  Anyone looking for some luxury undies will find these to be the ones to have in their collection.



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These were furnished for review by Soleone