Spartas Harness


We’ve covered Spartas Harness a few times. They have some amazing harnesses and undies. However, I was scrolling through my IG feed for UNB and ran across this, SINGLETS. We all know I love singlets. I love the design of these first of all the stripe is hot.

Second is the colors. Pink is my personal favorite. The colors just POP. I love them. Never fear if you aren’t a pink person it’s available in black and yellow.

Their site doesn’t give me a lot of info on the new singlets which sucks but I can tell you that they are 65 euros in price. But I’m seeing if I can get one and give it a review. But in the mean time check out the Spartas Harness site.

Fetish Friday on UNB is all about exploring who you are and trying some awesome gear that maybe outside your comfort zone. One company that has come across my radar is Spartas Harnesses. Not because they make amazing gear, more the designs they create. They are having fun and using non traditional colors and prints.

The main nontraditional color is pink. When you think harnesses and gear most times pink is not on the menu. However, I think the pink harness and gear is super HOT. In fact you can match your harness and jock. I know there are people out there that this is a good thing. If you’re not into that you can still mix and match.

The next thing I love are the shorts. They have a very unique style and fit. It’s a new take on shorts. This shows the creativity and design skills the brand has. You can mix and match the shorts with the harness and tops. So you can mix and matcher with them.

We will have more on this awesome brand soon! But go check them out. They are based out of Italy and I am super impressed by the brand.