Jerrad Matthew


Varsity16bWe hope you have a great Thanksgiving if in the US. If not I wanted to share something a little more risqué! The Varsity shoot Underwear Nation was just what I wanted. Jerrad does an amazing job an this series was HOT! Yesterday, one of our posts on Facebook was removed for violating their community standards. I asked quite a few people and posted it on Twitter and no one saw a problem with it. It wasn’t like we posted nudity, so we were locked out of our page for the day. So we will be doing more on Twitter and Tumblr. We will be doing a post and updating the rules to the UNB Fan of the Month contest, it will no longer be hosted on our Facebook  Page. Sorry for the vent was annoyed about it.

Varsity Issue featuring the Timoteo Varsity Collection
Photography: Jerrad Matthew
Model: Justin Leonard


This month Underwear Nation did a White and Black Issue featuring N2N Bodywear. The one thing about Underwear Nation is the amazing photography that they do for the site. Here is the complete pictures of the selection this month!

Model: Bryce Hrusovsky
Photography: Jerrad Matthew
Underwear of the Month: N2N Bodywear

Shop the issue at:  http://www.underwearnation.com/portfolio-item/black-white-issue/


B-W3b B-W4b

B-W5b B-W6b

B-W7b B-W9b

B-W10b B-W11b