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With the weather cooling down and the Holidays fast approaching, gay men across the country say goodbye (for now) to their skimpy swimsuits and hello to their warm winter sweaters. Worse yet, the Holidays mean lots of get-togethers and lots of eating, which can devastate the waistline. But our AC boys are always looking their best…and their secret for staying trim during the chilly winter months is Hot “Yoga for Bros”. And of course, when we mean “hot” yoga, we of course mean the guys. But that doesn’t mean that we don’t also turn up the heat, forcing our boys to strip down and get wet in order to try and cool down.

This is Andrew Christian‘s tribute to a gay house music classic anthem, “Call On Me” by Eric Prydz. If the outfits and dance in this video look vaguely familiar, then you’ve probably seen the music video that helped make the original song famous! Of course, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to give the original concept a gender flip-flop. Now, one lucky lady (played by the lovely Shangela of RuPaul’s Drag Race fame) gets to sweat it out with a room full of half-naked AC boys.

Thanks in part to a great soundtrack by Pump Audio, “Yoga for Bros” is sure to get your toe tapping and your head bobbing. So sit back, and enjoy the banging bods and infectious beats!

Models: Designer Andrew Christian, Noah Wright, Jon Varak, Murray Swanby, Stephen Snider, Jeffrey Hawkins, Little Andy Duran, Johna Myers

Also Featuring: Shangela, Ryan Nolan, Chris Boucher Written and Directed by Jeff White



The journey that is UNB started five years ago this month. Each year I try to pinpoint the exact day that UNB was born but always come up short. The formation of UNB came about when I got laid off from my marketing job in 2008. I had worked at another underwear blog briefly and it wasn’t covering what I wanted to know about underwear. So the journey began. I figured it would be a great way to get some great undies and occupy my time for the few months I was out of a job.

Well the economic downturn of 2008 happened and the unemployment lasted a bit longer then I had expected. UNB quickly became a job for me to have an outlet for my creative energy. There wasn’t much pay but it was a lot of fun. I have met some amazing people, many whom I consider my friends, that I never would have met had I not started UNB.

Some of my best memories of the last 5 years:

  • There are a few companies who have been there since the beginning and Baskit is one of those. Eric at Baskit took the time to really give me a great education of the industry and was the one person responsible for my first trip to Vegas in 2010. It was a super fast trip. I was in Vegas literally for a day. Flew in at 7 PM and was out the next night at 11 PM. But I got to meet a lot of the people i have been emailing and talking too on the phone. As they say it’s great to do an online friendship but nothing beats face to face. Ever since then I have gone to Vegas to meet with brands. Eric is a great resource for me and the blog.
  • I was an underwear lover, and like most, we never really know what it takes to make underwear. I mean the actual production. Alex at Go Softwear took time and spent over an hour explaining the industry from sourcing to production. It was crash course in underwear production. To this day I still draw on that conversation when I’m talking production.
  • In 2009 I have met one of my favorite people in the world. It is our Asst Editor Emeritus John. He, i think, responded to a post I did about finding writers/reviewers. Little did I know when he responded, we would work so well together. We built a lot of what UNB is back in 2009-2010. He has had professional obligations that he has taken a step back from the blog but he is still a friend and you will see him on the site from time to time.
  • Hosting has always been an issue. When we started we were on blogger. We moved off because the URL never functioned well, so we got our own hosting in March 2009. The jump way made. Things went pretty well for the next two years. Then we hit the magic number and our server hosting started to throttle us and we upgraded to our own server. It was a few weeks of pain for readers and myself, but since then we have had relatively few issues. We hope it stays that way
  • Another person I have to thank is Alex here. You know him from the Video reviews and if you follow us on Twitter. He has taken to both those mediums and really spread the word about UNB. He’s consistently gone above and beyond for the blog. He’s been our good will ambassador for quite a while. He recently was named our newest Asst Editor, a position he so rightfully deserved!
  • Flash forward a few years and one of the best people I have met is Matt from Designer Drawers. We met a year ago when I drove over from Atlanta to Birmingham. He has been amazing to work with in shoots and models. He has amazing ideas and is one of the reasons the UNB shoots have improved over the last year. It’s a great relationship because he is very outgoing and I’m a little more introverted. Yeah I”m ore of the quiet nerdy guy. Which to me isn’t a bad thing but he comes up with the great ideas and bounce ideas off each other and sometimes I just let him run with it and the results are just amazing.
  • One of the most recent memories is the “Who is your favorite underwear model?” post. This was done one night at 10 PM on a Thursday I think, and I figured we’d get a few hundred votes and announce the winner. Well, Philip Fusco and Jon Varak both had people tell them about the post (and who ever you guys are, I owe you undies) and they both started to campaign for the title. They both were super friendly and it never went negative. It was a lot of fun, plus I got to talk to a little to each Philip and Jon. Shortly there after I had a phone conversation with Jon. He really impressed me how down to earth and how he has his priorities in place. Not only is he handsome but he’s super nice. I have death with people in the industry who can be about them and how great they look. Jon was anything but he was surprised he was in the poll and just a joy to talk too! Well the results of the poll were released and we had over 12,000 votes. It blew me away. That has been the biggest thing we have ever done. Granted it wasn’t scientific and guys could vote as much as they wanted!

There are a few memories and people that I had to mention. There are many more people who have helped make UNB a success. I want to thank all those I didn’t mention as well for the success over the last five years. There are too many to mention.

Lastly would be you guys, our readers. Without you none of this would have been possible. You guys are amazing and keep sharing your love of underwear. We are working hard to get the site more personal so you get to know us and hopefully consider us friends as well. We have a lot in the works and plan on telling you about it later this year. The world of men’s underwear is an amazing community and I’m honored to be a part of it.


Last week we had our “Favorite Model” Poll and one of the models was Jon Varak. He’s a new model that has come on the scene as a model for Andrew Christian. We got the chance to talk to him and here is more about Jon~

How did you get into modeling? Discovered?

I got into modeling through a friend, who knew the talent scout at Andrew Christian. My friend sent in the picture. They contacted me and things just took off from there.

You have been modeling for Andrew christian how have those shoots been? 
The videos have been really fun. The first video I was really nervous because I didn’t know anyone. Didn’t know how I would be accepted as the new guy. All the guys accepted me. On set it is a lot of fun and there is a lot of laughing and getting the work done.

How many videos have you done for AC:
Have done  6 videos and another one coming up that was shot in LA.  I can’t give you details just yet but it was a lot of fun to shoot. I had a lot of fun filming Studburbia. The video was filmed at Andrew Christian house in Palm Springs.  The list of videos:

  • Overboard
  • Overboard Part 2
  • Road Trip to Miami Beach
  • Miami Car Wash
  • Studburbia
  • Twerk Off

Were you a fan of underwear before? 
I was always a fan of sexy underwear before the shoot. It’s nice to wear sexy underwear when you walk around. At the time I wasn’t aware of Andrew Christian before the shoots. Now my underwear drawer is overflowing with Andrew Christian from the shoots.

Are you boxers or briefs? 
Lean towards boxer briefs. The Twerk video was the first time i wore AC Andrew Christian Boxer Briefs. But after I wore them I really liked the boxer brief.

We had you come in second in our “Favorite Underwear Model” What was the experience like?
Was great and surprising. At first I didn’t know i was in the running. A few fans posted the link on my page. I saw who I was running with and was honored to be nominated. I also  knew a few of the other models. Colby was my inspiration for getting into modeling. He is a shorter guy and showed that shorter guys can do modeling well. Phlip Fusco is my gym inspiration. I was very honored to be in the running with guys that were there.

What are your plans for the future? 
I have decided to stay in Kentucky and finish my degree. So the next few months will try to as much photo shoots and club bookings as i can and then will focus on my school. I won’t quit until I become too old to model. But right now my education is a priority over modeling.

Jon is a really great guy and I really enjoyed talking to him. I think we will see a lot more of him in the future.

Find Jon at:

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/jonvarakofficialTwitter – @jvarak007

This was something super fun for us at UNB. It was in no way scientific but a way to see who you guys like as your favorite underwear model. From the begining it was a three way race between Colby Melvin, Philip Fusco and Jon Varak. Philip and Jon really took to Twitter and Facebook and campaigned for the honor.

Readers were allowed to vote as many times as they liked. And in the last day over 6,000 votes were cast. That was double the votes since the vote started! But after the votes were cast the Winners are as follows:

1. Philip Fuscophilip+fusco+undergear-022. Jon Varak

9422_0013. Colby Melvin

main-9We hoped you enjoyed this as much as we did. It was way bigger than any of us ever expected. We will be doing more fun things like this soon. Also, we plan to interview both Jon and Philip soon, so stay tuned



We posted last week we need an Underwear Hero. Which stated we need a mainstream spokesman for underwear. That being said we are not at a loss for underwear models. We wonder who you favorite underwear model is currently.




Felipe-Jimenez_by-WalterAS_005 juan-esteban-for-joe-snyder-31

The choices are (left to right and by rows):

  • Jon Varak – Andrew Christian
  • Ben Cohen – Bluebuck Underwear
  • Will Grant – Previous work UnderGear
  • Steven Dehler – Timoteo
  • Colby Melvin – Previous work Andrew Christian
  • Phillip Fusco – Gregg Homme
  • Felipe Jimenez – Joe Snyder
  • Juan Esteban – Joe Snyder/Vuthy/and more

Or did we miss your favorite model? Let us know who you want to see more of in undies