Maurice Lombardo



Hot new model Maurice Lombardo is the embodiment of an Italian/Greek god… and if that isn’t enough… photographer Peter D. Brown (www.peterdbrownphoto.com) did his first shoot for DMK-Designs in their new hot new Y-Back and Jock designs! With a Sicilian background his dark curly hair frames a classically proportioned face -with ice-y blue green eyes…. And, talk about a god-like physique! -we’re glad to see him in the new Jock and Y-back designs – so you can appreciate every muscular curve of his anatomy! The pouch has a unique sculpted design engineered to support, project and visually enhance the package! The black stretch strap fabric has great support strength, but -its unusually soft against the skin… You feel like you’re more naked. When Maurice first put the first jock on- he commented that it felt “a little different” -(unfamiliar) and then he soon said -he really liked how they felt! (a quick convert!)… You can check out more images of Maurice in these styles at: www.dmk-designs.com
And, coming soon some hot new shots of Maurice!

DMK.2Jock.BLU.LOGcr DMK.3Ybck.BackLOGcr DMK.4Ybck.hthr.LOGcr

DMK.5Ybck.back.LOGcr DMK.6Ybck.ArmyLOGcr DMK.7Jock.Hthr.LOGcr