Presenting Part 9 in the series by Daniel Miljkovic, designer for the men’s underwear brand Obviously, on the 10 things that make men’s underwear comfortable.

Part Nine: Positioning

One of the key elements that are going to impact on the overall comfort of your underwear is its positioning on your body. And there are quite a few things to consider here.

Boxer and boxer brief wearers need to consider the leg length of their underwear. Mostly it comes down to a personal preference, but you should also consider whether the length is contributing to bunching or riding up of the legs.

For Brief and Bikini Brief wearers important parts of the garment are the edges that run down the side of your bum. Full Cut designs tend to provide greater coverage of your bum, while a skimpier design will providing a sleeker, more revealing look, but may increase the risk of the material creeping inwards and giving you a wedgie.

The waistband positioning will contribute not only to the comfort of the underwear but also to its physical appearance. A Low Rise design will allow you to wear low riding jeans or pants, without your underwear showing. If, however, underwear showing is the look you prefer then a more Full Cut design is for you.

Finally there is the pouch space at the front. There are too many options here to consider them all but I think most importantly you should be looking for underwear that provides a natural feel; something that you won’t even know you’re wearing. The reality is that you can get used to the feel of just about anything, but that shouldn’t mean that any pouch design will do. Comfort varies considerably, so try a couple of different designs and make your own decision.


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