Obviously is one of those great underwear companies that I think doesn’t get much notice. Those who know about the brand rave about them but I think there is a large number of people in the US who still don’t know about them. So when they release a new range we MUST report it to you guys!

The new range or line as they call it in Australia is the Premium range. “The Essence Collection is the first release, is made from our custom blend of incredibly softMicroModal and Lycra – giving you a level of comfort that truely has to be experienced to be believed.”

The collection features the Naked Brief, Trunk, Boxer Brief 3 inch and Boxer Brief 9 inches. The colors available are Black, White, Graphite and Insignia Blue You maybe asking “What is the Naked part of the line?” This s what their site says “The Naked Range is specifically engineered for those guys who are not afraid to go Naked and experience the freedom that an anatomical pouch provides. The pouch technology lets your package hang as nature intended and sets a new standard in superior comfort and fit.”

I will say that Obviously is one company I have loved since before I started UNB. They have made amazing underwear made for real men. If you want to see more go to the Obviously site! We hope you will go check them out and buy some amazing underwear!


I’m a hard core brief wearer. Throughout the frozen hell better known as winter 2013-2014, I wore briefs. Even during the dreaded polar vortex that turned Northeastern Illinois into Chiberia, briefs were proudly worn under layers of clothing by this guy. I tell you this because as seasons change, my choice of underwear, as far as the cut goes, remains pretty consistent. True, I may wear thongs more often when the weather gets warmer, but I’ll always be a brief guy at heart.

As a culture, we’ve learned to associate seasons and holidays with certain colors. I’m talking about how we like to wear red and green for Christmas, or pastels for spring. As we head into autumn, those deep shades of orange, purple, and red come to mind, along with yellows and browns. Traditionally, these colors have been associated both with the natural transformation of the foliage outside and with the activities that typically occur in the fall, like the harvest.

So, I bet you guys know where I’m going with this. That’s right! I’m compiling a list of my favorite red, orange, purple, yellow and brown briefs, and pairing them with a fall activity.


1. You should try to navigate a maize maze this fall in these Hugo Boss briefs. Maybe someone will mistake you for an ear of corn and try to butter and eat you.

2. These purple Aussiebum briefs are a classic. The ribbed cotton adds some interest to a standard brief cut. Why not wear these under your costume on Halloween? You’ll definitely be getting both tricks and treats once they’re revealed.


3. Try on these C-in2 “Hand Me Down” briefs in Syracuse orange, while actually going to a college football game. Then detrou when your team scores a TD and show everyone your school spirit.


4. Run a turkey trot or do another sporting activity in this brown Obviously Sinuous string bikini/tanga. The high cut sides and anatomic pouch leave both room to move and provides natural support.


5. Snuggle next to the fireplace with your lover (or potential hookup) knowing that while the yule log flickers in the fireplace, you are about to set the whole scene on fire when you put these Bikkembergs briefs on display. The little pop of pink screams bulls-eye.


When it comes to underwear, most well-endowed men feel slighted and disadvantaged by the choices they think they must settle on, and for the most part this is the product of the same concept that the majority of men, regardless of their penis size: They just don’t know enough about the options available to them in 2013.

I was like most of these well endowed men, wearing boxers and boxer briefs that were one to two sizes too big in the waist so my bulge wouldn’t cause the legs to fit too tightly (I am not going to even mention basic briefs and our problems with those). But once I discovered the innovation of a trunk with a contoured pouch, my quest for finding underwear that fit me and my endowment comfortably began to take shape.

There are few articles out there relating to us well-endowed portion of the population, and the most prominent one currently available offers good advice, but I don’t think it goes far enough. So I have decided to come up with the best advice I can think of, based on my three-plus years of searching for the kind of underwear meant for guys like us, using pictures from my own collection as well as brand suggestions to help you get into the right pairs.

Tip #1 – It’s The Pouch, Stupid…

If you’re well endowed, the largest problem you experience with run-of-the-mill brands is they aren’t designed to put your equipment anywhere. Just as a handgun needs a holster to be carried safely, we “showers” need a place to carry our dangerous weapon. This means, the only underwear you should be buying feature a pouch that is visible to the naked eye before you put your hands on them.

Sure, some “experts” would suggest making sure the size is right on any pair of underwear with a contoured pouch, but I view this as advice that discounts your ability to think. Just know this, if you are hung, you better be damn sure the underwear you’re looking at has a pouch before you look at whether or not they have your size.

Your Best Options and My Favorite Pouch

It’s 2013, and just about every designer offers at least a few designs that feature a contoured pouch but not all of them are great for men with larger packages, so if all else fails, consider the following designs from prominent labels in men’s underwear which I myself routinely employ:

2(x)ist TOUCH Ultra Contour Briefs or Trunks (Or any other “Ultra Contour” piece they offer), on some older designs are still available that feature even better pouches.

Andrew Christian Almost Naked, NanoFit, Color Vibe, Air Sculpt, Cool Flex, & Trophy Boy

C-IN2 Profile Briefs, Sport Briefs, Street Jocks or the Personal Fit Factor Shower Brief

Calvin Klein Steel Collection, Body Collection, X Collections

John Sievers All Collections

N2N Bodywear Peformance X, Air, & Freedom Collections

Obviously For Men All Collections

My underwear collection is over 150 pairs deep, and while I have my favorite pouch, I like many more than just one. My favorite pouch is the Andrew Christian “Anatomically Correct Pouch” which is featured most prominently in the label’s “Almost Naked” line. The Anatomically Correct Pouch is formed by two seams that will allow all of your endowment to fall into place  and hang naturally. To me, this is the best pouch for us well-hung guys, but obviously it is far from your only option.

Tip #2 – Expect but Accept “Sticker Shock”

All of the underwear best suited to the needs of men who are packing heat has one thing in common, they aren’t cheap. To create the best pouch for well-hung gentlemen, like the Anatomically Correct Pouch from Andrew Christian or brands that only feature this sort of pouch (John Sievers, Obviously For Men) you need human innovation as well as fabrics that are meant to stretch comfortably without stretching out, and those things are expensive.

You can expect to pay similar prices to the Calvin Kleins and Armanis of the world, not because of name brand recognition, but because of the use of Rayon and Modal fabrics. Briefs, Boxer Briefs and Trunks will run you anywhere from 16-30 depending on design and brand. More important than your expectation of seeing those prices is your acceptance that this is what you must pay to cloth your larger than average package on a daily basis.

But before we move on to the next big tip, let me give you two inside tips to get the best prices and value from your new, properly fitting undies:

1. Wait for sales. The best place to shop for men’s underwear is online. You can buy Calvin Klein Underwear at 25% off nearly year round online, and the biggest underwear websites (Freshpair, MensUnderwearStore) have routine sales on all their brands and clearance sales year-round.

2. Wash Separately, In Cold Water, and DO NOT DRY*.Unless you’re 12 and still can’t wipe properly, there should be no reason to wash your designer underwear in hot water. *Do not dry on anything higher than “medium” heat if you must dry at all. If you’ve got a normal 8-12 pair arsenal of Rayon/Modal underwear with the pouch made for men like us, know this: That fabric dries quickly when the underwear is laid out neatly, because the fabric is thin, constant wash-dry cycles shorten the lifespan of the fabric and the seams that attach it to the waistband. If you do this right, those $24 Obviously trunks will last you twice as long as the ill-fitting Hanes you wear now and thus you’ll have at worst spent about the same amount of money.

Tip #3 – Educate Yourself about Design, then Open Your Mind (Hint: I’ll help w/both)

Your education has been started with Tip #1. So, by now you unequivocally know that you shouldn’t be wearing any underwear that does not come specially designed in one of several ways to hold and support your large equipment comfortably. And of course the pouch is and always will remain the most important feature of any pair of underwear for men who are well-endowed. But a contoured or specially made pouch isn’t the only design element in men’s underwear that can be beneficial to those of us who require that extra room. It layman’s terms, not all pouches, are made with us in mind, are created equal. To get the best pouch for your boys, it may require you to open your mind about what underwear designs you need to try, I had to and did.

With very few exceptions (certain brands), if you’re well-endowed and searching for underwear that will give your boys the most room and do so in the most comfortable fashion, you need to be buying briefs, and once you’ve totally opened your mind, the skimpier they are, the more comfortable your package will be. Instead of wasting lines convincing you why you’ll appreciate the switch, I’d rather explain why briefs (and even skimpier options) are best for those of us well hung individuals.

Think about the appearance of the letter “U” both in lower and upper case, then think about what the pouch portion of a brief looks like. The larger the “u” or “U” shapes get, the larger the pouch becomes, and for well endowed men, we are best served by the biggest U possible. In underwear design this is achieved almost solely by the “cut” of the brief, chiefly the distance between the top of the leg opening and the top of the waistband. The larger the distance, the smaller the ‘u’ shape of the pouch, conversely, the smaller the distance, the larger the U. Here are two examples of this design concept from the same brand, 2xist: Example 1, Example 2. Now I could go on and on about this concept and how important it is for well-endowed men to remember when underwear shopping, but I won’t, I think you get it. I will only say that if you have accepted the concept, you may have your mind opened to trying jockstraps as something you can wear for a day’s length, and gasp, maybe even trying a thong! But because design concepts change a bit for jocks and thongs, I’ll devote a smaller article to those later.

Tip #4 – Lastly, Embrace Your “Gift” and Start Having a Sense of Humor about it.

You’ve made it! Congrats! So now that you know that A.) You don’t have to suffer through the rest of your life wearing underwear made for the 98%, and B.) you know enough to successfully explore your options, it’s time to embrace your “gift” and enjoy your new underwear. I am over three years removed from these discoveries, and throughout that time, I’ve learned to have a sense of humor about “my gift” if for no other reason than my underwear forced it upon me.

Most of the underwear that is either made for men with large packages or at least accommodates them, are going to end up showing your goods off. I remember when I got my first pair of Andrew Christian briefs in the mail and tried them on, and all I could do was laugh at my reflection in the mirror. And while I will contend to the death that at least I remain humble about the size of my package, as do most of us in the “well-endowed crowd” (pardon the silly rhyme), far too often, such ‘required humility’ is what is holding us back from wearing the underwear that is best suited to our needs.

So use this guide, and go get yourself some better fitting underwear. Your body will thank you!

NOTE: If you enjoyed this read more in our Endowed Series


I was tweeting one day and Obviously replied and asked if I had a pair of their thongs. I told them that I didn’t and a few tweets later I am here reviewing their Low Rise Thong from the Chromatic Collection. It’s not everyday that a underwear manufacturer wants me to wear their thongs. It would be a a dream if every company asked me to wear their thong. So to the tweeter at Obviously: Thank You!

So flash forward to me getting my first pair from Obviously. A nice blue pair. As soon as I took the pair out of the plastic wrap I was surprised by how soft the fabric was. You often read online a description of the underwear fabric. Many times it says how soft the material is. When the underwear arrives in the mail you find out it’s as soft as cardboard. And then you wash it and it turns into a piece of starched felt. Giggle all you want but you know it’s true.

The design is basic but very well executed. The low rise waistband is a soft smooth elastic that fit me perfectly. No muffin top or residual elastic imprint after removing the garment. Isn’t that the worst? You feel sexy in a pair of underwear and then you take it off to see a red imprint in your skin. Some would say that I need to go up a size but if I did they would be too big. I wear my thongs to work out all the time and I hate when it’s time to get in the shower and have skin ripples cause of a tight thong. Obviously is so luxuriously soft and comfortable that it seems like it was tailored to my body. The thong consists of a pouch that is hemmed independently of the thong strap. Many brands include a thin piece of elastic in the pouch’s hemmed. This thong doesn’t have it and doesn’t need it. I felt very supported without feeling an elastic press against my skin. To our readers that have a large package you will be comforted to know that the elasticity and cut of the pouch will be very accommodating to your needs.

I actually had to do laundry before writing this review. I have reviewed several pairs that have pilled or started to fray after the initial washing. I was worried that the soft fabric would become generic blah. You have to understand that I am not into separating my clothes and special washing instructions for underwear ridiculous. It’s underwear. The laundry is just everything in the wash and dry it all together. Congrats goes to Obviously for passing my laziness laundry skills. If Obviously keeps up their craftsmanship for produced high quality underwear, I will be a fan for life.

If you are new to thongs or are a avid thong guy, I highly recommend Obviously as must have purchase for your collection.

Pros –
Great fabric
Super light
Fantastic cut

Con’s –
I only got one pair to review

Fit: 5
Materials: 5
Look: 5
Construction: 5
Daily Wear: 5

Overall: 5

This pair was furnished by Obviously and is available for $24.95 AUD at their site.

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Andrew Christian – Perfect as a Holiday gift and for New Years!

Only 283 of this special Brief were produced!

The Holiday Noir Brief features a silver colored metal charm and comes in a holiday gift tin along with a hand-signed card from designer Andrew Christian. This brief is made from the softest fiber in our collection so it not only looks sophisticated, but is also super comfortable. When you pull them on you will immediately notice how much softer the bamboo fiber is against your skin than regular cotton. The underwear also features a multi-depth woven elastic with the Andrew Christian logo. This is a Limited Edition style and only around 283 were made…so when they are gone…they are gone forever.

  • Contrasting leg openings and stitching
  • Comes with silver colored charm on left front…PERFECT for your New Years Eve outfit too
  • Hand signed holiday card from Designer Andrew Christian included
  • Holiday gift paint can style tin included as shown (silver box is extra, purchase gift wrap separately)
  • Only 283 were produced
  • 94% Super Soft Rayon made from Bamboo
  • 6% Spandex
  • Regular/slim fit…great for any body type
  • Handmade with care in the Andrew Christian Design Studio in Los Angeles, CA, USA
  • Easy care machine wash, tumble dry low


  • 1 1/4 inch logo elastic waistband
  • Sides measure around 4 1/4 inches from top of waistband to leg opening
  • 1/2 inch leg trim

Only $24.99

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This is the second time I got to go to Magic. It’s a really big show, it’s not just men’s underwear it’s everything. It takes up two floors at the Mandalay Bay convention center. But there is a spot where all the underwear companies are located; it’s called Underwear Alley.

This year in attendance was Junk UnderJeans, Andrew Christian, Skmpeez, Timoteo, Baskit, Unico, Orca Blue, Clever, PPU, Candyman, Pikante, Pistol Pete, Obviously, Punto Blanco, Freeman, Brief Underneath, Go Softwear, ES Collection, Jocko Geovanny Underwear,  and I hope I didn’t miss anyone

I first got to sit down with the folks at Andrew Christian. I got to go over the entire new line. They have some really great stuff coming out. I know that they are a big draw to a lot of you guys. I have the catalog in front of me right now. I can’t go into much detail, they don’t want a lot of what’s coming out in Nov out now. That’s the one thing about this show, some manufacturers don’t want anything spilled, while others want to tell about it. I respect that from Andrew Christian and will say that we have the new Flex Soft in and will be reviewing them shortly.

Then I talked to Junk UnderJeans. If you recall they were a big hit when we reviewed them a while back. We are in the process of getting more from them. We showed you a lot of their stuff with our brief distractions. They are known for being very fun and have really funky designs. They fit amazing, and I’m paraphrasing from the guys on the site. We maybe doing something with them soon… hint hint. But I think they are a brand that will grow and you will hear about them more and more.

Then I made my way to the Brief Underneath guys. I really enjoy talking to them. They are both really good guys and told me that they are about to be written up in GQ, I believe. Which is awesome. It’s a great concept of having a boxer and brief in one. I know many guys who like the look of a boxer but want the support of a brief. Plus, they have the new loungewear that looks great too. It has the same design and I think really cool. Their stuff I think is perfect for lounging around and just hanging out. I admit I have had boxers in the past, and that’s usually when I wore them was around the house. I think you should check it out and see for yourself.

The day was just starting when I got to the Skmpeez both. I have to say out of all the people in men’s underwear and swimwear that they are really fun. I really love hanging out with them and talking to them. I have noticed that the exposure has exploded for them in the last year. They are turning up in a lot of places. Which I’m really glad for, they will have a full line out in February in time for summer. I can’t wait to see what they do next.

Timoteo was next. You know it’s a hard day when you have to go to booth to booth and see the collections. I hear you guys saying, “Awe poor Tim” LOL, but I did a video of him telling about the collections. So I won’t go into it too much, but will post that hopefully this weekend. Timoteo does an awesome job at undies. He has great fit, colors and styles. It’s no wonder he’s become such a hit in the world of underwear. He really knows how to make underwear for guys. John on our site has gotten the jocks and he says they are one of the best. You should try them out if you haven’t. They will be awesome I can guarantee you!

I then briefly stopped by Freeman to talk. I got the new catalog but haven’t looked through it yet. But, they do some really fun stuff as well. I plan on doing a full post on them shortly. I think it is a brand you guys should know about!

Then it was off to my favorite, UNICO! Well one of my favorites. They don’t have anything new coming out till November. Which really isn’t that far off . I can tell you there will be some great striped and pattern undies. They will have that amazing Unico fit. I will most certainly do an in-depth write up on the blog about them. I have already put it in the calendar.

There was a new company at Magic called Orca Blue. They do swimwear and the really cool thing is that they can match board shorts and trunks/square cuts. Say you want to wear a square cut to the beach but not everyone wants to wear it with nothing over it, well they have matching board shorts that you can take off when you get to the beach, or just wear them. They got their inspiration from the 50’s and it’s a really cool line. They are brand new, just a few months old. But I think we’ll see some great stuff from them.

I circled back around to Pistol Pete and talked to them for a few. Pistol Pete is another fun line. It’s always got great patterns and prints. They have a log going on, and I didn’t get to talk to them much, they had buyers there all day, when I was there but I’m going to follow up with them about the lines. This is what happens at shows. The buyers are there to buy for the up coming season so I let them sell rather then talk to me. I will get more info about the lines shortly!

Baskit was next on my list. Which is a good friend to us here at UNB. I will say they are one reason we have been so successful. They really have helped us out and really gave us good advice when starting. I got a catalog and promptly lost it. Yes, I am not happy. I mailed all my stuff home and it’s the one thing that was not in my bag! I am getting another and will go into more detail about Basit for sure. It sucks when you go get info and then leave it! But they are sending me another! HURAH.

The fun keeps on going. I then go to PPU, Clever, Pikante, Candyman and Vuthy! The one thing I’m really excited about is Vuthy swim. It’s a brand new line of swimwear by an experienced designer, who I met and talked to a bit. The line will be amazing and very fun for this summer. I am working on an interview and will have more about them for sure. I know you’re thinking tell us something! You keep saying you’ll tell us more lately. Well in a second I will tell you whom I have videos for and they will be out starting this weekend. But back to the brands. Pikante is having a whole line of animal prints. Some of them have been released already, but they are really sexy and fun! Its great to see animal prints returning.  PPU is having some very interesting designs to say the least. They are going to have to be seen and not described. I will hopefully have pictures this week for those. I briefly got to look at Clever and the new line is in the same style as Clever has done. I will find out more about the line and report back. But being there you sometimes forget to ask and remember after you leave. Lastly is Candyman. I gotta say I love Candyman, I think its great that some fun is back in the bedroom. Some of their new ones are the Super Hero, Handyman, and some really awesome football shorts. It’s just a lot of fun and I know this line isn’t for everyone but it’s still a lot of fun and our contest winners all loved their prizes!

Then I got the chance to talk to Jocko and Geovanny Underwear. Jocko has some really great swimwear. Geovanny has some really great undies. I have profiled him a while back and just think  his designs are new and fun. The one thing he showed was the new Jockstrap he has. It’s in the picture above. It’s a new take on a classic design. I have his email and we are going to do more with him soon. Jocko we will show you the new swimwear when closer to spring!

Lastly is LASC. They are a company that has been around for about 20 years. I remember them because they had my favorite pair of swimwear, a tiny black bikini that I loved and wore out. That’s when I could wear them…. But I digress. They specialize in swimwear but also have work out wear. I like that they have everything from bikinis to board shorts. We were talking that we were looking forward to when bikinis aka Speedos would be making a come back in the American market. It’s happening in Europe but we’ll see about here. I saw the collection and they have some underwear not a lot but a lot of swim and work out wear. It’s really a great collection. Really amazing, and we will feature them in the swimwear guide but hope to have more from them soon.

Lastly, I didn’t get to meet up with Punto Blanco or Obviously but will get more information about them. Also while editing the same goes for Go Softwear! I will follow up and post more very soon! Trust me they are on my list and I will have some soon.

As I said above I did videos. Some with the people talking about the collections, and others just showing. I’m in the process of editing them and getting them up on the YouTube Channel. I will post them on the site over the next few weeks. But if you can’t wait, as soon as I have them done they will be up on YouTube.  I have them from Timteo, Skmpeez, Orca Blue, Geovanny, Gregg Homme, Bend the Rules, and more. Not everyone did one, but I hope to keep doing this in the future. I think it’s better to hear what’s new from the companies rather then me!

We will be going back to Curve and Magic in February. Let me know what you guys want to know and see and I will do my best to get it done!  BTW, I am posting all the pics from the shows on the Facebook page, so go over and check them out. They will be up tonight or in th

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ObviouslyThis is the first pair of thongs I have tried in a while and, I must tell you, I was a little unsure about wearing it.  My wife bought me a thong for our honeymoon many years ago and it had a basic string back.  This pair had about an inch worth of material instead of a string.  I was not sure how comfortable it would be having that much resting in the vertical smile.  Obviously for Men has done it right and you can purchase it for $22.68.

The material turned out to be amazing!  The softness of the Modal is something I haven’t ever felt in men’s underwear.  I put the thong on and it hugged the boys nicely.  The strip in the back rested nicely and I was off for a full days work in the office.  I did not notice the thong back as it was so very comfortable.  I loved the bright green color and the little design on it was a nice touch to add interest.  They were so comfortable I wanted to keep wearing them the next day but refrained.  My wife really appreciates them as well.  She likes the color and snug fit.  They will become a regular addition to my daily wear and I can’t wait to wear them again as they are that comfortable.

Fit:                   5.0

Materials:         5.0

Put Together:    5.0

Look:               5.0

Daily Wear:      5.0

Overall:            5.0

Head on over to Obviously for Men and check out their entire collection.  You won’t regret it.



(Great new mens underwear brand)
They’ve studied you and cut you some new slack!
Anatomically styled to fit…
-even if you’ve
got plenty!
“These feel so great.”
“Like wearing nothing,
until you move-
and then they sensuously

remind you!”
Enter promotion code “Obviously10” during checkout to receive 10% discount on ALL Obviously Men’s Underwear in your shopping cart (shipping and applicable taxes not included).

Offer Expires: 05/22/09
This promotion cannot be combined with any other offer, promotion or sale. Free Gift and Coupon discount cannot be combined. This coupon is only valid on Obviously underwear. Discount will be applied at the end of the ordering process.




Skiviez has some great new items and some great sales. You can get the new C-IN2 Kinetic colors that just were released. Also they are now selling Obviously, the brand from down under that seem to be one of the fastest growing new brands! Lastly you can get all Baskit swimwear for $22, thats right


Presenting Part 9 in the series by Daniel Miljkovic, designer for the men’s underwear brand Obviously, on the 10 things that make men’s underwear comfortable.

Part Nine: Positioning

One of the key elements that are going to impact on the overall comfort of your underwear is its positioning on your body. And there are quite a few things to consider here.

Boxer and boxer brief wearers need to consider the leg length of their underwear. Mostly it comes down to a personal preference, but you should also consider whether the length is contributing to bunching or riding up of the legs.

For Brief and Bikini Brief wearers important parts of the garment are the edges that run down the side of your bum. Full Cut designs tend to provide greater coverage of your bum, while a skimpier design will providing a sleeker, more revealing look, but may increase the risk of the material creeping inwards and giving you a wedgie.

The waistband positioning will contribute not only to the comfort of the underwear but also to its physical appearance. A Low Rise design will allow you to wear low riding jeans or pants, without your underwear showing. If, however, underwear showing is the look you prefer then a more Full Cut design is for you.

Finally there is the pouch space at the front. There are too many options here to consider them all but I think most importantly you should be looking for underwear that provides a natural feel; something that you won’t even know you’re wearing. The reality is that you can get used to the feel of just about anything, but that shouldn’t mean that any pouch design will do. Comfort varies considerably, so try a couple of different designs and make your own decision.


Presenting part 8 in the series by Daniel Milijkovic, designer for the men’s underwear brand Obviously, on the 10 things that make men’s underwear comfortable

Part Eight: Waistband

One of the most important factors that contribute to the comfort of your underwear experience is the waistband. There are many elements to the waistband that impacts on this, so we’ll have a look a few of them.

In terms of physical dimension, finding a waistband size that is firm enough to hold your underwear up while not being overly tight is important. Underwear waistband measurements vary from brand to brand and even between different ranges of the same brand, so make sure you check out what ever size charts are provided by each brand.

The elasticity of the waistband itself will impact on the comfort level and once again there is a trade-off between the elastic that is flexible enough to snugly fit the body without cause discomfort. The softness of the fibers used to make the waistband will play a big part of the elasticity and the feel, and obviously the softer the fiber, the more comfortable it will be.

Some underwear designs encase both the inside and outside of the waistband in material (usually the same as the main garment itself). This decreases the likelihood of any irritation on the skin from the elastic or any of the joins or seams and tends to increase the comfort level.

Another more popular option is to use brushed back elastic, which basically has a fuzzy layer on the inside that sits comfortably against your skin. This provides a softness equivalent that the encased waistband but without the bulk of multiple layers. It also allows for prominent logo placement on the waistband which not only promotes the brand but also allows your underwear to be an exciting fashion items that we enjoy it to be.


Presenting part 7 in the series by Daniel Milijkovic, designer for the men’s underwear brand Obviously, on the 10 things that make men’s underwear comfortable

Part Seven : Leg Openings

So after the last part in our series chafing I decided this series would stick to a safer, and less graphic topic; that of leg openings.

Leg opening size and shape can be significantly contributing factor to the comfort of your underwear. There are a number of factors to considering so I thought I would examine them on a style by style basis.

Briefs and Bikini/Sports Briefs
These underwear designs traditionally have small band of elastic in the leg opening to hold it in place on your body. When selecting briefs for comfort, care must be taken to ensure that the elastic is not so tight that it will cut off circulation or be uncomfortable, but at the same time it won’t be able to serve its function if its too loose.

Boxer Brief
irrespective of the leg length of these fitted designs it is important that the opening has enough give to ensure that the thigh muscle is able to flex properly and that the boxer brief legs don’t inhibit movement. The other factor to consider is that while the legs on the boxer briefs do not generally contain elastic, they are hemmed and this hemming should provide enough elasticity in its design that the legs don’t ride up.

Boxer Shorts
As long as there is an overall loose fit to the boxer shorts you won’t have any problems with the leg opening on these.


Presenting part 6 in the series by Daniel Milijkovic, designer for the men’s underwear brand Obviously, on the 10 things that make men’s underwear comfortable

Part Six: Seperation

Welcome to the active man’s worst nightmare – chafing

I had always thought it was a horrible word, and wondered where it came from and exactly what it meant.

So I looked it up; Wikipedia had it listed as a nautical term describing the ‘process of wear on a line or sail caused by constant rubbing against a hard, usually metallic, surface’ – ouch! has a big closer to the mark listing chafing as ‘to wear or abrade by rubbing’, or ‘to make sore by rubbing’. Now I know your cringing.

Back to the point of this article: separation. Most guys chafe between the the thighs or between their testicles and their inner thighs (sorry for the imagery there). Runners, cyclist, sportsmen alike know full well that there is no way you can concentrate on the game, the race or whatever the task at hand might be when you’re chafing yourself raw down below.

The obvious solution is to eliminate the contact between the thighs and this has been achieved by the introduction of the fitted boxer shorts, which provide a layer of fabric that separates the skin and avoids the rubbing. Chaffing between the testicles and thighs are a bit harder to solve but there are a number of ways that it can be done. The first is to wear underwear that lifts your genitals up and away from between your thighs. Traditional briefs will do this as well as a number of new pouch designs that lift and project and enhance your package.

The other option was the approach we took when designing Obviously underwear and that was to encase your genitals in fabric, providing full separation from any rubbing between the thighs, while still allowing your bits to hang downwards as nature intended. This design eliminates any possibility of chafing and allows you to get on with your day – what ever you choose to do with it.


Presenting part 5 in the series by Daniel Milijkovic, designer for the men’s underwear brand Obviously, on the 10 things that make men’s underwear comfortable

Part Five: Non-irritating Labels

I never did understand care labels. I mean I understand why they exist, but I have no idea why they are so big and obtrusive. In most countries they are a legal requirement, but the reality is they may get looked at once when you first buy something new, then you spend the rest of the time cursing their annoyance. It’s not bad for men’s underwear but women’s underwear always had me confused as to why such a small piece of material needed to have such a big tag.

Most underwear has a big annoying label right at the center of the back of the garment that digs in every time you sit down and lean back. It’s annoying and quite often the only thing you achieve but cutting or tearing it out creating a hole in your new underwear.

in addition to this there have been some reported cases of allergic or irritant reactions to those care labels due to the materials and chemical additives that are used when they are created.

So what’s the solution? Getting rid of them altogether for one; unfortunately not one we’re allowed to do. The other is to do away with the care labels that are sewn onto the garment and use heat pressed care labels instead.

When designing the range of Obviously underwear sew-on care labels were the first to go. Our focus on comfort led to the development of heat pressed care labels (similar to iron on patches) which display all the care instructions you require, but that you’d never know were then had you have your underwear on.

A fair compromise on the path to more comfortable underwear, obviously.


Presenting part 4 in the series by Daniel Milijkovic, designer for the men’s underwear brand Obviously, on the 10 things that make men’s underwear comfortable

Part Four: Sweat Absorption

Most people hate sweating at the best of times, everyone hates sweating in their underwear.

But the reality is that we do sweat, its unavoidable particularly in our underwear but fortunately there area  number of things you can do to improve the comfort when you sweat.

First a look at the problems that sweating can cause. To combat the heat build=up I talked about in Part Two: Breathable, Natural Fibers the body will begin to sweat to cool itself off.

This sweating obviously leads to moisture and if the material that your underwear is made from is not water absorbent you leave yourself open to all kinds of fungal infections including the most common: jock itch.

While all materials and fabrics will absorb some level of moisture the trick is to look for fibers that have high hygroscopic properties, which means the material will absorb surrounding moisture.

Generally the natural fibers are better at this then synthetic ones. For a number of years cotton has done a great job of absorbing unwanted moisture and reducing the discomfort of sweating. More recently the emergency of Modal fabric has further reduced the discomfort caused by sweating as it is 50% more hygroscopic then cotton.

Naturally when designing our Obviously for Men range we took the hygroscopicity of the fabric into consideration, and our selection of Modal ensures that sweating in your underwear is a thing of the past.


Presenting part 3 in the series by Daniel Milijkovic, designer for the men’s underwear brand Obviously, on the 10 things that make men’s underwear comfortable

Part Three: Soft Materials

Following on from part 2 on breathable, natural fibers, part 3 is all about the softness of the materials used in underwear construction

Let’s face it; underwear spends its time rubbing against some of the most sensitive areas of your body for at least 10-15 hours a day. Any material that itches, scratches or rubs at your skin is going to cause all sorts of problems, irritations and annoyances.

A rough, course or heavy material will give you nothing but trouble and should be cast away in favor of softer, sleeker, natural materials such as Modal or Cotton as discussed in part 2. These materials are extremely soft on the skin and are least likely to cause discomfort

Another thing to consider is that we tend to spend large amount of our time each day sitting down. This means that the back of your underwear is pulled tight while the bend in your legs causes the front of the underwear to crease and become bunched. Wearing underwear that is made from a soft, light-weight material will ensure that any fabric that does end up bunched in your leg crease will not be bulky enough to cause any dramas.

The softness of the material used in the Obviously for Men range is one of the things our customers really love. The Modal material used in all Obviously underwear products is marketed by its developers, Lenzing, as the softest fiber in the world and an integral ingredient in designing the world’s most comfortable underwear.