With Greg coming on board to the site he suggested we write what got us all into undies. I thought that was a great idea. I think it’s always great to get to know the guys behind the site. So here are everyone’s write up of how we got into undies. We hope you enjoy it and maybe share yours too! I also put in some classic underwear ads. They will bring back some nostalgia when you read the ad. Most don’t have anything to do with the poster stories, but they are great ads.

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Greg – Writer and Blogger

Okay.  Here is my story – what got me into underwear…and why I’m so addicted.

I was chatting with another underwear fan the other day about underwear and what got us into them. It made me sit back and reflect on what got me into underwear.  Like most kids, I grew up wearing the standard issue tighty-whities. If you didn’t wear those, you wore boxers.  While changing in the locker room, that’s pretty much all you saw.

When I was a freshman in high school, there was mandatory PE class. The locker I was assigned was next to a senior named Bob. He had quite the bulge/package. He wore these skimpy little bikinis by Brut in all different colors. Does anyone else remember those?  I don’t think they’re made anymore. They were always so hot on him. I would look every time to see them, and for a while, kept track of what colors he wore. He liked to parade around the locker room in only those bikinis, or sometimes in nothing at all. I swear, he knew I was looking and stayed in his underwear as long as he could so I could see. I can’t prove that!

I can still remember his name and what he looked like in those bikinis and I’ve been hooked on underwear ever since.  As soon as I was able, I went out to buy bikinis just like his, but I never got the courage to wear them on PE days.

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Tim – Editor

I got into undies when I was 12 or 13 years old. I had always worn the regular tighty-whities and this was during the time when bikinis were just getting big in the 80’s. The colors and fabrics made my eyes open WIDE! I loved how they fit the models and thought they were so sexy. I would open the paper on Sunday’s and see the different ones being modeled. This is also the time of the famous Calvin Klein ad and those Jim Palmer Jockey Elance ads. I mean, right there in the pages of People magazine, was a MLB player in skimpy undies. I thought they were so inviting.

I constantly snuck away from the family to check out the undies. I would see things in the paper and want them. I was bound and determined to get some. The longer I window shopped the more I wanted some.

One day on a family shopping trip, I took my allowance and ventured over to the men’s underwear section that I had visited so many times before, just to look at all the different styles and patterns. I proceeded to look through them and found a pair I loved. They were brown, blue and green striped. I grabbed them and ran to the register making sure no one in my family saw me buy them. I’m sure I got a strange look from the cashier, but I didn’t pay any attention. I counted out the money and ran to the bathroom, which was right by the register, and put them on.

I remember the feel of those first bikinis. I loved the way they supported my pouch and fit all around. I was in love right then and there. From then on, every time I we went out and I had money, I was determined to buy more bikinis. Obviously, the wilder they were the better. I hid them under my bed and wore them all the time. But, the hiding was short lived and I was found out. And from that moment on, I wore bikinis and didn’t wear tighty-whities for another 10 years.

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Wraith55 – Asst. Editor

It’s hard to say when I first became interested in underwear. I remember in middle school and high school that I was always wondering what all the other guys were sporting under their pants or shorts. It was something I wanted to find out. So I began taking a few extra looks here and there or stared a bit longer while getting ready before and after gym class. Once I got older, I figure out what was driving me to take a few more looks. Once I figured it out, I slowly started to build a very large collection of underwear which varies from briefs and boxers to jockstraps and thongs.

When it comes to underwear, there are two phrases that come to mind, “I will try anything once, if not twice” and “less is more”. My collection is pretty extensive and ranges from boxer-briefs that give total coverage and thongs that don’t give much of anything. I think the skimpier the better. Of course, having my body type might not lend well to always being able to pull off something very skimpy. For the most part, underwear is for the wearer.

I think my favorite style of underwear is the jockstrap. It blends my need for wearing almost nothing with having support and my desire to still have a masculine feel to my underwear. My jock collection is somewhere around 60 pairs and they range from the traditional athletic jock with the 3 inch waistband to a very revealing sheer jock with a built-in pocket for my junk.

Now the same can be said of a thong when it comes to being revealing but at the same time there is an added factor when it comes to comfort. The right style and fabric is necessary to make sure that an hour after you put it on you are not looking for the closest private area to switch to commando for the day.

Whether it’s a jock, a thong, or a pair of briefs, the most important thing is how it makes me feel. I want something comfortable and, at the same time, fun. For someone who would rather hang out in just underwear or nothing at all, picking out the right pair each day is essential. It gives me the chance to be me under my slacks and tie.

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Wes – Copy Editor

For the most part, my obsession with underwear started out by looking at models in fliers, magazines, and television commercials. I will never be able to forget Michael Jordan in his red Hanes briefs. I still have a weakness for black men in red underwear. The Sears catalog was, to many growing boys, a favorite place to find men in various forms of undress. Another ad that was my favorite was of the really hot, hairy, country guy, shaving while wearing his blue BVD briefs and matching undershirt. My heart would race at every glance. When I found it in a magazine, I would slouch down into a chair where no one could see the page that had stolen my complete attention.

As a growing boy, my underwear was either bought by my mother or my grandmother. I guess they thought I needed some every so often. My grandmother would always buy Spencer brand briefs from the General Dollar or Bill’s Dollar Store. I did grow up in a small town and in a family with little money to spend on things that did not sustain our health. My mother was kind enough one day to buy me a package of red and white briefs, featuring Woodstock from Charlie Brown cartoons. As you can imagine, I was ecstatic.

I had become a chubby, otherwise known in south Alabama as “healthy”, boy by the time I reached middle school. Fruit of the Loom had taken over my underwear drawer. This was when there was a yellow line in the waistband to designate the adult sizes from the youth sizes, designated by two blue lines. I was bored to tears with my underwear and begged my parents to by me “colored underwear” when it was time to purchase school clothes. Alas, they never would buy other kinds because 1) daddy wore white FTL briefs and 2) briefs of color cost more and would be considered a waste of money. I knew the first reason was not completely true as I had seen my dad walk through the house in colored briefs in the past.

One day, I was helping my mother do laundry. She was putting away Dad’s underwear when I saw color mixed into the neatly stacked piles in the drawer. I immediately started inquiring why he never wore them, to which my mother answered me in saying he did not like them. He preferred his white briefs. I reluctantly asked if I could have them. She yelled through the house and asked my dad if he wanted them and if not, could I have them. He said yes and then, sort of shocked, asked if they would fit me. I went into my bedroom and put them on with the highest known heart rate known to a young teen. They fit perfectly, thereby giving me four, barely used pairs of colored briefs; one dark red, one blue and white, one brown and white, and one solid blue.

As I grew older and branched out in my fashion taste (solely because I was paying for it myself), my collection of briefs grew with me. My dad would always comment about how he couldn’t see why I wanted to wear women’s panties. Maybe my black and blue leopard print bikinis were a bit much for being in eighth grade, but they were mine and I was a happy guy. Happy, that is, until the guys saw me in the locker room before gym class and a guy pointed out the fact that I had on bikini underwear. I wondered about that guy. He must have been doing the same thing I had been doing all along, looking around the locker room to see what everyone was wearing and how well they filled their underwear. Most guys in my gym class had begun to mature and the supposed tighty-whities were no longer so tight. The leg openings and the flies had been stretched to all kinds of shapes and sizes, giving the unsuspected onlooker a decent view of the family jewels.

As an adult, I still find myself ogling at underwear ads in magazines and mail-outs. Once you start it, it’s hard to stop. In reality, I don’t want to stop. It takes me back to a simpler time, sitting in the floor of my parents’ home, dreaming about what it would feel like to be in Michael Jordan’s red briefs. That thought hasn’t left my mind either.

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John – Asst. Editor

My Story isn’t to exciting but here it is… How I got into Undies…

Like most boys, when I grew out of my Spiderman, Superman, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles undies, and made the jump into adult undies, I really didn’t have too many option other then plain white, black or gray. It was what my mom had always gotten for me. When I was in High School, I finally started to expand my undies collection and made the switch to Boxers, but I really got into undies when I went to college. I don’t know if it was the new found freedom or just the Undergear.com website and there super cute models, but I started to try all different cuts, colors, and patterns, starting with a traditional trunk cut which is still one of my favorite cuts.  It really opened my mind to all that was out their when it comes to Men’s Underwear.

What I really enjoy so much about this industry is that things are always changing. I also think the internet has provided people access to some of these new styles, which has helped this industry grow. When I was growing up if you couldn’t get it at Wal-Mart or Target, it didn’t exist.

Men’s underwear is a great way to express you, just have fun and be sexy. Something I had never realized until I tried it.

These are our stories, what is yours? Leave a comment and let us know what got you into undies!


Tim is the founder and editor of Underwear News Briefs. He has been an avid underwear fan since the age of 14! He founded UNB in 2008 and has continued to broaden his underwear love over the years


  1. Harold wills Reply

    Well, I actually started the same as most of you. Jim Palmer was a favorite of mine. But I couldn’t afford those Jockey bikini briefs on my allowance. But back in the late 80’s early 90’s there was a lot to choose from that were affordable.
    My mom and dad always shopped at Sears. They had a lot of choices and brands like hang ten and playboy. Another store that sold good underwear was Miller’s Outpost, they had these really cool string bikini underwear from Jordache. There were two to a box, I got the red and blue pairs.
    Does anyone remember the tube of underwear that some brands came in. Reminds me of an episode of Married with Children when Al Bundy walks in with one tube.
    I wore bikini briefs all through high school even in gym class. There were others that wore colored briefs and a couple of others that wore bikini briefs. So it wasn’t as stigmatized as I thought it would have been. I wear them still today, but have been having a hard time finding a good brand that low is priced. You can’t find them in packs anymore and spending more than 10 dollars for one pair of briefs is not in my budget.
    Hey thanks for bringing back the memories of fun and cool times in underwear. Have a good 2021.

  2. I started wearing bikini briefs when I was 12. I hated the tighty whities growing up, and I felt constricted. I grew up seeing my dad in his bikinis and I thought he looked good. So one day, I walked into his room as he had finished his shower. He had slipped on a nice sky blue pair and I told him how I wanted to start wearing bikinis like his. He gave me a white pair to start with, and I went to bed wearing only those. The pouch was big enough to hold a growing young man like me, and I loved the material, the cut, the style. To this day, we both still wear bulge enhancing bikini briefs, but I don’t think he does as much as I do. 🙂

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