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Hello again everyone, my name is Brandon and I am a new contributor to Underwear News Briefs. My route to UNB was somewhat “organic” I guess you could say. In February of this year I created a Twitter account named @TheFirstThingOn designed to essentially “share” my underwear collection which blossomed into a Tumblr page. A couple of months later, the brilliant mind behind UNB invited me to contribute, which was very flattering and I couldn’t turn down the opportunity.

I was asked to contribute primarily on the basis that I occupy a unique piece of real estate in the underwear-crazed landscape. I’m straight.

As a straight guy operating in a world that is occupied predominantly by gay men, it gets a bit lonely, but my ultimate goal with The First Thing On, and now with UNB, has always been to provide a voice, or some sort of “go-to,” for all of the straight guys who love, or are curious about designer underwear; but who may also be a bit apprehensive because the culture that surrounds it.

Of course I am referring to the very organic attraction of gay men to designer underwear. For most straight guys though, that isn’t a major hang up necessarily, but they do fear that pursuing an interest that so many gay men have already been satisfying might leave them open to unfair judgement from others.  So, the average straight guy who may want to “take a risk” and buy those Calvin Klein bikini briefs he constantly has been ogling at Nordstrom, starts to feel that he can’t because he might be “judged” in some way or another.

Yes, it’s 2012, and a solid amount of progress is being made in the long-term task of easing the United States’ organically humble, puritan view about anything that can be perceived as sexual, and that of course, includes the underwear you’ve got on. The overwhelming “straight” view about underwear remains however, and that is that function and conformity are preferable to flash.  Since that is the case, any straight guy who subtly or a not-so-subtly chooses to deviate from this view, is ripe for potentially public ridicule.

And it is not just men that perpetuate this, “you’re straight, you must wear bland, poorly-fitting underwear” either. Women are as much a part of the problem as men. But there is hope. Many straight men are starting to become exceptions to that rule, and are starting to pay more attention to what their underwear can do for them.

I became the ‘exception’ about two years ago. Like most straight men I was comfortable sticking to social norms with my underwear, and as I’ve already laid out, that means I wore humongous Hanes knit boxer shorts throughout college and into my professional life. Like most straight men, I barely thought about my underwear. Luckily for me, this “journey” I took was somewhat forced upon me by my wife (then-girlfriend).

She brought home a pair of 2(x)ist trunks that had a contour pouch, which up until that moment in time, I had never seen, let alone heard about. After putting them on, I never really looked back. They had given me something I had never been able to “feel” in underwear up until that point, support. And it was awesome!

Like most straight men, I had always perceived “support” as crushing “tighty whities,” but this felt different. My package was actually being “held” in place, not getting squished, and it felt great.  My response was to snap up more trunks from designer brands, and eventually my underwear drawer was transformed from baggy boxer shorts from Hanes, to trunks from Calvin Klein and 2(x)ist.

Going from generic brand boxer shorts to designer trunks was the easiest and most thoughtless step for me to take, and one that I would encourage all straight men to try. But going from trunks to briefs is not nearly as easy, especially with the societal stigma around straight men wearing anything without the word ‘boxer’ in its title being the prevailing “wisdom.” Eventually I decided to take that leap.

My “transition” to briefs did not come without serious thought, however. I knew briefs would give me even better support than my trunks, which I still liked, but I also knew I didn’t want my briefs to have that bigger, traditional cut (think Hanes, or even American Apparel). I wanted something with a bikini cut, but with a nice sturdy fabric. So the 2(x)ist Neon Sports Brief became my first brief since I was a little boy, and as soon as I got them in the mail and got them on, I was hooked.

I still have and wear those briefs today, and I love the way they feel and look on me. The best part in the days after I had made this transition, was that I didn’t once have any negative emotion or second thought about them, which I thought might occur from the societal “stigma” that tend to follow brief-wearing straight guys. With no worries about that whatsoever, my new found love for briefs started to lay the foundation for what today can only be viewed as an obsession for all types of men’s underwear.

What I mean by that is, a chain reaction started to take shape. Once I discovered how great these “modern” briefs were, I started focusing any of the attention I was giving underwear, solely on them. They caused me to pay attention to fabrics and pouch designs and through some basic trial-and-error I had figured out my preference which was for high-quality briefs with the ample pouch my body required and sporty, or bikini cuts.

By the end of 2011 (this whole process started in Summer of 2010) my collection probably numbered about 25 to 30 pairs total of designer-only underwear, but I had no idea that seven months later I’d own almost four times that many pairs of underwear, let alone that I’d have my own blog dedicated to my new passion.

After some reflection, I attribute that humongous “increase” in interest to two “discoveries.” The first was the discovery of the male thong, and the second was my much too delayed decision to buy my first pair of Andrew Christian briefs.

It took me a couple of months to do it, but in December of 2011, I finally submitted to my own curiosity and bought the Calvin Klein Body Thong. In all honesty I was skeptical about how it might fit or make me feel. After wearing it for a day, I was amazed by the fact that I was wearing a pair of underwear that offered me the best support any design can give, while simultaneously feeling like I wasn’t wearing underwear at all. That sentiment, along with the overall sex appeal that comes with thongs had me hooked, and I started researching designs and materials and it was the thong that exposed me to the underwear subculture, as I was seeking out reviews of men’s thongs, which led me to websites like this one. After reading these blogs, and some reviews on retail websites of specific thongs, my collection just started to grow (and will continue to).

To be honest, the first brief I wanted to buy was the Andrew Christian Almost Naked Sport Brief. The problem was that I couldn’t bring myself to pay $29 ( price at the time), so instead I opted for other great designs but that had a much more affordable price tag. Once I found that featured direct, and thus much more affordable prices I have not stopped.

Once I got my first pair of Almost Naked briefs on, I fell in love with underwear all over again and the reason was simple. I had finally found a brief that felt like they were made for me. The “anatomically correct pouch” that allowed my package to hang naturally fit better than even the best contour pouch briefs I owned. From there, I just kept buying and buying until eventually I came to the realization that I was obsessed.

The decision to become an underwear blogger was somewhat of an easy one in the end. I had sort of inadvertently felt a need to amass this collection, I was familiar with social media, and I knew that I wanted to start with a Twitter account that simply allowed me to display my collection to the world while remaining mostly anonymous. Once I quickly gained 100 followers, I discovered Tumblr, and knew that it would give me the opportunity not only to share photos of me in my collection, but to write about my feelings about all the different aspects of men’s designer underwear as well.

It wasn’t until I started The First Thing On that I came to realize that a guy with my sexual orientation being a part of this huge subculture-of-great-taste is unique. That also happens to be the reason I wanted to share my story-to show that great underwear is there for all men to enjoy.

I look forward to writing more, much shorter stories and opinions that will serve to break other straight guys of their inhibitions while also providing a qualified voice to all of us that love underwear.

The winter months couldn’t be the more appropriate time of year to purchase a well-constructed and functional boxer.  However, if you’re reading this review, you probably have acquired a more sophisticated expectation when it comes to purchasing the right pair.  Fear no longer, it’s quite easy when shopping for Ryocco Underwear.  They have an amazing ability to take modern styles, materials and designs an incorporate them into some really fun and exciting underwear without losing integrity to quality, functionality and durability and the classic look that boxers provide.

This is my first experience with testing underwear from Ryocco so I was a little skeptical at first but upon my initial inspection, I could quickly tell these were of quality construction and functionality.  When I’m looking for a new boxer, I want something that is extremely rugged, masculine and works well under any physical or sporting activity.   This boxer fits the bill as it is made of soft and comfortable cotton with design cuts on the sides of the front and circular cuts in the back along with contrasting yellow colored biases that give this pair a modern twist.  It includes an enhancement cup and a wide elastic waist band with the manufacture’s logo name embroidered across the front.

As shown in the picture, the high quality box comes in a snug masculine fit around the legs.  This particular pair like other boxers offered by Ryocco is constructed with a combination of materials consisting of 96% cotton and 4% Spandex.  I would consider this one of the best pair of boxers I’ve tested in a long time and would highly recommend them to anyone.  In summary, if you’re looking for a traditional, black boxer that can take a lot of physical abuse and still hold up at the end of the day, you’ll want to check these out.

 Personal scoring as follows:

Fit: 5.0
Materials: 5.0
Construction: 4.5
Look: 4.5
Daily Wear: 5.0
Overall: 4.8

 This boxer was provided by Ryocco Underwear

When I first received this jockstrap, the words that entered my mind were, ‘you can’t be serious’.  However, being the open-minded person that I self-proclaim, I was open to trying the innovated design and construction that sets this manufacturer apart from their counterparts.  Based on the quality of materials and yet unconventional style, I was eager to put this jockstrap to test.

This particular line designed by Pikante called ‘80’s Mosaic’ a jockstrap with wide elastic and the waist embroidered with the brand in a contrasting black color.  It’s made of soft cotton printed with tiles in earth and blue tones that give a modern twist.  This jock provides excellent support while being comfortable at the same item.  This pair is comprised of 93% cotton and 7% Spandex materials.

I pushed the envelope a bit and gave this jock a real workout at the gym recently.  It provided adequate support as a good jock should and still felt comfortable and unobtrusive in supporting the goods.  I was totally pleased with the visual appeal and fit of this jock which says a lot for a guy who prefers the traditional trunk for everyday underwear.

In summary, with warmer weather just days ahead for most of us, if you’re looking for a new jock to add to your spring collection, you might strongly consider this manufacturer.  However, if you’re simply looking to add some sex appeal to your underwear collection, Pikante also provides a variety of additional jockstraps, thongs and several see through pieces, which is reflective of their tag line as ‘Spicy Underwear’.

Personal scoring as follows:









Daily Wear:




 This jockstrap was provided by Pikante and can be purchased from various online retailers listed on their   website at the following:

When I opened the package of these Baskit Yellow Utility Boxer Briefs, I was visually surprised to see a pair of boxers in this color that I wouldn’t otherwise come close to considering.  However, this shade of yellow is actually attractive and it is supported by a dark grey waistband and trimming around the legs.  Likewise, this pair offers a pouch which is also represented in solid white and lends itself to an open fly.   While I’m not a huge fan of boxer briefs, I found this pair to be extremely comfortable and functional with the open fly which is unusual today with most briefs and trunks.

Their first test run included wearing throughout the workday while on vacation.  This included a full day of walking and hiking the coastline beaches in Southern California.  During the course of the day, I couldn’t believe the amazingly comfortableness this pair offered with a snug fit around the legs, helping to keep them in place.  The waistband, sporting the company’s logo, and the dark grey trimming around the legs is what really grants these boxers a real visual appeal.   With a blend of fabrics, which includes 95% cotton and 5% Spandex, this construction makes for a breathable and flexible pair of sexy underwear.

As shown in the picture above, the front pouch is a solid material with the repeated dark grey strip and functional fly.   The pouch is constructed with additional fabric to create a pocket and enhance your package while remaining attractive and comfortable.  It’s clear that Baskit is an expert when it comes to design, functionally, and the ability to create something new, inventive, and esthetically appealing.

If you’re like me, when it comes to underwear in general, I don’t want to be bothered with a boxer that will not stay in place and continues to ride up the leg.  Having a pair that eliminates this worry and provides something attractive for the eyes is what investing in quality underwear is all about.

Personal scoring as follows:

Fit: 4.5
Materials: 4.5
Construction: 4.0
Look: 4.0
Daily Wear: 4.5
Overall: 4.3

These briefs were provided by Baskit and can be purchased

The title of these N2N pair of briefs brings a whole new meaning to the word, Twilight.   I have several N2N pair of underwear in an array of styles/colors and I’ll have to say that thus far, this is my overall favorite pair.  I love the sexy black color with light grey and yellow stripping that’s incorporated into the waistband.  Give time, I suspect these briefs could gain equal share of recognition and popularity as the movie with the same title.

I wore these outdoors all day during a photo shoot and they held up extremely well in the heat and felt comfortable throughout the day.  Perhaps these are conducive to warmer weather due to the fact that they are constructed with a blend of 90% cotton and 10% Spandex.  Similar to a jock waistband, these fundamentally create extra freedom and provide a breathable fabric that makes them cooler than you traditional pair of bikini briefs.  The baby ribbed material provides an extra sporty and textured look that gives their silhouette color an extra added visual punch (also available in heather, and white).

My hope is that these will hold up after multiple wares and washes. Like many high end designers, a slightly higher percentage of man-made material (i.e. Lycra, Spandex) or quality cotton could further their life expectancy and go a long way with an even more polished and finished look.

Personal scoring as follows:

Fit: 4.0
Materials: 4.0
Construction: 4.5
Look: 4.5
Daily Wear: 4.5
Overall: 4.3

These briefs were provided N2N Bodywear and can be purchased at the following website:


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neon_jockShopping online is easier and more private than shopping for undies in a store.  I would much rather purchase undies online because of this fact.  Buying anything other than boxers, boxer briefs or briefs always made me uncomfortable.  I would choose my string bikini, and then try to find either a person I wouldn’t care knew (which wasn’t likely) or a U-scan register that I could use to check my own purchase.Pulse-red

Why was I so embarrassed by my purchase?  Why did I even care if someone knew what kind of undies I wore?  I don’t have a clue, but I did.  I guess I didn’t want people to know my “private” business.  When we lived in KY, I knew a lot of people and would run into them all over town. If they saw or knew what kind of undies I bought, they might wonder what I was wearing the next time we met (I know not a logical neurosis but what can I say?).

Pulse-blueBeing able to buy online will allow me to maintain anonymity. I can also buy whatever kind of undies I want without a care in the world as to who might know because they had to fill the order.  The person filling the order doesn’t know me from anyone else in the world.  Now, I can procure sheer undies, mesh undies, fun undies, or anything that might just interest me and/or my lovely wife.  The only thing that is keeping me from purchasing online right now is the cost of the product as well as the shipping. In due time, I will we be in a position where I can buy what I want without having to consider this a factor.

The previously mentioned reasons are why this is such a great site. It provides all kinds of links, information, and ratings so that I can make an informed decision on what would be a great buy and when it’s best to buy due to free shipping, great discounts, and super specials.  How awesome is that!

With Greg coming on board to the site he suggested we write what got us all into undies. I thought that was a great idea. I think it’s always great to get to know the guys behind the site. So here are everyone’s write up of how we got into undies. We hope you enjoy it and maybe share yours too! I also put in some classic underwear ads. They will bring back some nostalgia when you read the ad. Most don’t have anything to do with the poster stories, but they are great ads.

what1b what2

Greg – Writer and Blogger

Okay.  Here is my story – what got me into underwear…and why I’m so addicted.

I was chatting with another underwear fan the other day about underwear and what got us into them. It made me sit back and reflect on what got me into underwear.  Like most kids, I grew up wearing the standard issue tighty-whities. If you didn’t wear those, you wore boxers.  While changing in the locker room, that’s pretty much all you saw.

When I was a freshman in high school, there was mandatory PE class. The locker I was assigned was next to a senior named Bob. He had quite the bulge/package. He wore these skimpy little bikinis by Brut in all different colors. Does anyone else remember those?  I don’t think they’re made anymore. They were always so hot on him. I would look every time to see them, and for a while, kept track of what colors he wore. He liked to parade around the locker room in only those bikinis, or sometimes in nothing at all. I swear, he knew I was looking and stayed in his underwear as long as he could so I could see. I can’t prove that!

I can still remember his name and what he looked like in those bikinis and I’ve been hooked on underwear ever since.  As soon as I was able, I went out to buy bikinis just like his, but I never got the courage to wear them on PE days.

what1 what1a

Tim – Editor

I got into undies when I was 12 or 13 years old. I had always worn the regular tighty-whities and this was during the time when bikinis were just getting big in the 80’s. The colors and fabrics made my eyes open WIDE! I loved how they fit the models and thought they were so sexy. I would open the paper on Sunday’s and see the different ones being modeled. This is also the time of the famous Calvin Klein ad and those Jim Palmer Jockey Elance ads. I mean, right there in the pages of People magazine, was a MLB player in skimpy undies. I thought they were so inviting.

I constantly snuck away from the family to check out the undies. I would see things in the paper and want them. I was bound and determined to get some. The longer I window shopped the more I wanted some.

One day on a family shopping trip, I took my allowance and ventured over to the men’s underwear section that I had visited so many times before, just to look at all the different styles and patterns. I proceeded to look through them and found a pair I loved. They were brown, blue and green striped. I grabbed them and ran to the register making sure no one in my family saw me buy them. I’m sure I got a strange look from the cashier, but I didn’t pay any attention. I counted out the money and ran to the bathroom, which was right by the register, and put them on.

I remember the feel of those first bikinis. I loved the way they supported my pouch and fit all around. I was in love right then and there. From then on, every time I we went out and I had money, I was determined to buy more bikinis. Obviously, the wilder they were the better. I hid them under my bed and wore them all the time. But, the hiding was short lived and I was found out. And from that moment on, I wore bikinis and didn’t wear tighty-whities for another 10 years.

what3 what4

Wraith55 – Asst. Editor

It’s hard to say when I first became interested in underwear. I remember in middle school and high school that I was always wondering what all the other guys were sporting under their pants or shorts. It was something I wanted to find out. So I began taking a few extra looks here and there or stared a bit longer while getting ready before and after gym class. Once I got older, I figure out what was driving me to take a few more looks. Once I figured it out, I slowly started to build a very large collection of underwear which varies from briefs and boxers to jockstraps and thongs.

When it comes to underwear, there are two phrases that come to mind, “I will try anything once, if not twice” and “less is more”. My collection is pretty extensive and ranges from boxer-briefs that give total coverage and thongs that don’t give much of anything. I think the skimpier the better. Of course, having my body type might not lend well to always being able to pull off something very skimpy. For the most part, underwear is for the wearer.

I think my favorite style of underwear is the jockstrap. It blends my need for wearing almost nothing with having support and my desire to still have a masculine feel to my underwear. My jock collection is somewhere around 60 pairs and they range from the traditional athletic jock with the 3 inch waistband to a very revealing sheer jock with a built-in pocket for my junk.

Now the same can be said of a thong when it comes to being revealing but at the same time there is an added factor when it comes to comfort. The right style and fabric is necessary to make sure that an hour after you put it on you are not looking for the closest private area to switch to commando for the day.

Whether it’s a jock, a thong, or a pair of briefs, the most important thing is how it makes me feel. I want something comfortable and, at the same time, fun. For someone who would rather hang out in just underwear or nothing at all, picking out the right pair each day is essential. It gives me the chance to be me under my slacks and tie.

what5 what6

Wes – Copy Editor

For the most part, my obsession with underwear started out by looking at models in fliers, magazines, and television commercials. I will never be able to forget Michael Jordan in his red Hanes briefs. I still have a weakness for black men in red underwear. The Sears catalog was, to many growing boys, a favorite place to find men in various forms of undress. Another ad that was my favorite was of the really hot, hairy, country guy, shaving while wearing his blue BVD briefs and matching undershirt. My heart would race at every glance. When I found it in a magazine, I would slouch down into a chair where no one could see the page that had stolen my complete attention.

As a growing boy, my underwear was either bought by my mother or my grandmother. I guess they thought I needed some every so often. My grandmother would always buy Spencer brand briefs from the General Dollar or Bill’s Dollar Store. I did grow up in a small town and in a family with little money to spend on things that did not sustain our health. My mother was kind enough one day to buy me a package of red and white briefs, featuring Woodstock from Charlie Brown cartoons. As you can imagine, I was ecstatic.

I had become a chubby, otherwise known in south Alabama as “healthy”, boy by the time I reached middle school. Fruit of the Loom had taken over my underwear drawer. This was when there was a yellow line in the waistband to designate the adult sizes from the youth sizes, designated by two blue lines. I was bored to tears with my underwear and begged my parents to by me “colored underwear” when it was time to purchase school clothes. Alas, they never would buy other kinds because 1) daddy wore white FTL briefs and 2) briefs of color cost more and would be considered a waste of money. I knew the first reason was not completely true as I had seen my dad walk through the house in colored briefs in the past.

One day, I was helping my mother do laundry. She was putting away Dad’s underwear when I saw color mixed into the neatly stacked piles in the drawer. I immediately started inquiring why he never wore them, to which my mother answered me in saying he did not like them. He preferred his white briefs. I reluctantly asked if I could have them. She yelled through the house and asked my dad if he wanted them and if not, could I have them. He said yes and then, sort of shocked, asked if they would fit me. I went into my bedroom and put them on with the highest known heart rate known to a young teen. They fit perfectly, thereby giving me four, barely used pairs of colored briefs; one dark red, one blue and white, one brown and white, and one solid blue.

As I grew older and branched out in my fashion taste (solely because I was paying for it myself), my collection of briefs grew with me. My dad would always comment about how he couldn’t see why I wanted to wear women’s panties. Maybe my black and blue leopard print bikinis were a bit much for being in eighth grade, but they were mine and I was a happy guy. Happy, that is, until the guys saw me in the locker room before gym class and a guy pointed out the fact that I had on bikini underwear. I wondered about that guy. He must have been doing the same thing I had been doing all along, looking around the locker room to see what everyone was wearing and how well they filled their underwear. Most guys in my gym class had begun to mature and the supposed tighty-whities were no longer so tight. The leg openings and the flies had been stretched to all kinds of shapes and sizes, giving the unsuspected onlooker a decent view of the family jewels.

As an adult, I still find myself ogling at underwear ads in magazines and mail-outs. Once you start it, it’s hard to stop. In reality, I don’t want to stop. It takes me back to a simpler time, sitting in the floor of my parents’ home, dreaming about what it would feel like to be in Michael Jordan’s red briefs. That thought hasn’t left my mind either.

what7 what8

John – Asst. Editor

My Story isn’t to exciting but here it is… How I got into Undies…

Like most boys, when I grew out of my Spiderman, Superman, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles undies, and made the jump into adult undies, I really didn’t have too many option other then plain white, black or gray. It was what my mom had always gotten for me. When I was in High School, I finally started to expand my undies collection and made the switch to Boxers, but I really got into undies when I went to college. I don’t know if it was the new found freedom or just the website and there super cute models, but I started to try all different cuts, colors, and patterns, starting with a traditional trunk cut which is still one of my favorite cuts.  It really opened my mind to all that was out their when it comes to Men’s Underwear.

What I really enjoy so much about this industry is that things are always changing. I also think the internet has provided people access to some of these new styles, which has helped this industry grow. When I was growing up if you couldn’t get it at Wal-Mart or Target, it didn’t exist.

Men’s underwear is a great way to express you, just have fun and be sexy. Something I had never realized until I tried it.

These are our stories, what is yours? Leave a comment and let us know what got you into undies!


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Well, we thought what would make the best Underwear of the Week this week. We found some at our friends over at Ginch Gonch. They have some really great patriotic inspired underwear. These undies  are the Big Bang Star Glitter Glam Bang. This is a great line that puts some spice in your undies. They are not only in the patriotic colors of Red, White and Blue. There is a big bright glittery star on the crotch of the undies and you will sure be a hit with anyone who sees these! They are just fun in the way Ginch Gonch is known for, they have always thought outside the box for new patterns and lines.

I personally love the fit of Ginch Gonch, they are tight and stretchy, which are some of my favorite things. They don’t have a defined pouch, which, you know I love, so I’m just as surprised as you that I love Ginch Gonch so much. If you haven’t tried them and like really fun undies you definitely need to give them a try

The Big Bang Star Glitter Glam Bang is available in a Brief, Micro Brief and Sports Brief. The Brief and Micro Brief retail for $27 and the Sports Briefs are $32 on the Ginch Gonch site. Check them out for the 4th, and for any other occasion. I’m sure they have a perfect pair for any special day in your life!


Here at Underwear News Briefs, we know that not only gay guys love their undies, but straight guys are really starting to get into undies as well. I have talked to many underwear companies and designers and they all say that if the market were just gay guys, the industry would not be where it is today. Straight guys are having their wives and girlfriends buy them undies for years, but many more are buying undies they like, regardless of style, material or color. We have a new writer here, Mark, and he is going to give his take on undies. You will see a lot more from him in the next few weeks. Yes, as you can tell he is straight and we think this is an awesome view point to share! Here is his posting – Tim

I wear underwear and enjoy underwear and I am straight.  All men like comfort, fit, style, looks, etc.  Just because your wife might be the only who sees your underwear doesn’t mean we don’t care about our underwear.  I think it is a total myth that straight guys don’t care.

My mom always picked out my underwear growing up (tighty whities) but when I was old enough to care, I started buying my own.  I tried many different types, styles, etc. and I must say, there are a lot out there.  I found some I liked and some I didn’t.  I found some that fit well and again, some that didn’t.  I tried different styles, fabrics, cuts, etc. until I found ones I liked.  I look for comfort, non-binding type underwear.  I don’t wear boxers much because I don’t like not feeling secure.  I wear trunks, bikini, jocks and an occasional thong.  So, for the most part, I enjoy the less is best motto.  It is nice to be comfortable underneath when dressed in jeans, slacks, suit, tuxedo, or whatever.

What’s out there on the market today that I am interested and would love to try?  Hmmm…I would like to try N2N Sheer Mesh Jock, Bikini, Boxer Brief and Thong, C-IN2 Jock, Fagioni Sheer Mesh Bikini Brief Andrew Christian Sports Mesh Jock.  I am sure there are a lot of others out there that fall into the less is more category but for now, these are my picks.  Currently I wear Life String Bikini Underwear bought at Wal-Mart because you can’t beat the price and with the economy the way it is that is a big factor.  Some day I hope to be able to buy what I want, where I want and whenever I want.

My wife enjoys looking at me in my underwear as well.  She likes to see me walk around our bedroom, giving her a little show, etc.  Her favorites are the ones that are sheer.  I enjoy wearing them for comfort but also to show off to my beautiful wife.