We get the third review from Del and Jason. They are reviewing Ginch Gonch. Ginch Gonch is one of my favorites. But, see how Del and Jason thought of them!

This is our 2nd experience with Ginch Gonch. We were on an RSVP cruise a couple of years ago when the line was launched and were given freebies — they were sponsoring the underwear party. That time we both wore bikini camo briefs, which were very hot. Made your body look good and your package look better. We did find that when we returned, they didn’t hold up very well. Weak elastic and the briefs got out of shape quickly. It seems that the new ones we received were made better and are holding up better, but compared to other brands (2Xist, Baskit), they still have a ways to go. They are frankly not our very favorites. The designs with their homage to kid’s underwear, well, we just don’t find that sexy and Jason especially feels they are not nearly as comfortable as they should be.

We were sent two pair — one brief and one square-cut brief. The square-cut brief is slightly more comfortable than the brief. The square-cut has a motor cross bike and rider with some numbers. Not sure exactly. Too gay to know. And the brief has the boy’s trucks. Again, not very sexy in our opinion.

These guys are 95% cotton and 5% lacra. Maybe the lacra is the issue, not sure — but compared to our all cotton of Go Software and Baskit, they are not nearly as soft. They are made in Columbia. They also do not have the pouch room that the others mentioned have — thus your dick is squashed, contributing lack of comfort. I do remember the camo bikini brief were much more comfortable, just didn’t hold up well. We both find that in our “rotation” we skip over them unless we need to do wash. We wanted to like them more.

Rim Jobber Sports Brief Multiple Trucks Red Brief
Fit 3 3
Materials 3 3
Put Together 3 3
Look 3 3
Daily Wear 3 3
Overall 3 3

These underwear were furnished by Ginch Gonch for review.


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  1. I could not agree more with your review. Ginch Gonch has a long way to go to be up to par with other brands.

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