This past weekend we had a Speedo Run in Atlanta. You may have seen the pictures over the years from the event they hold in Boston every year. This event was a charity event that was for Chris Kids. Chris Kids is a charity devoted to the well being of children. One of the participants was Paul Everett. We got a chance to interview him and here is that interview:

Paul Everett Speedo Run Atlanta

What made you take part in the Speedo run?

I’m always looking for opportunities to do fun fitness events that help others in the process. I was glad to hear that the Atlanta Santa Speedo Run benefited a local charity called CHRIS Kids. It is tough to stay in shape during the holidays and what better way than to know that you will be in a speedo in public!

This was the first time, I believe, in Atlanta, how many people were in the run?

Yes, this was the first time in Atlanta. Boston has hosted the event for the last 10 years. I believe there were over 150 runners that raised over $41,000. I was glad to see that it was a diverse group as well.

Did you get strange looks from the people as your ran or more words of encouragement?

The streets were lined with people cheering, taking pictures, and laughing. Cars were honking their horns and there were definitely some looks of shock. Everyone had a great attitude and you could tell that it was a pleasant surprise for most. There were some creepy old dudes taking pictures as well, but that is another story.

You dressed up as something different, what did you dress up as?

We were encouraged to dress festive and the outfits were hilarious. I decided to go as the Gingerbread Man as you can see from the picture. I hope people caught on to the theme. I realized later I looked like a holiday Chippendales dancer.

Will you be participating in next years run?

Absolutely. I was able to raise $525.00 this year for CHRIS Kids. It was a bonus that the race helped me stay on track with my fitness routine. Although, I hope to raise more money and look even better next year!

Paul is a personal trainer in the Atlanta area. His site is


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