Our reaction to color is instantaneous and impacts us on a subliminal level and as conscious thought. It also says a lot about personality and effects our emotions and attitude. What are the best colors of underwear for a man? This is a topic that definitely is open to discussion. It’s one of those questions that doesn’t have a right or wrong answer. I’m sure everyone will have their own opinion. However, for this list, I had to be decisive. I asked the UNB underwear pro’s for their opinion and came up with the following list

We focused on the basic color while every color has an almost endless variety of shades to choose from. For instance, the darker shades – navy blue, maroon, hunter green, golden yellow and so forth – are great colors to highlight your deep intricate side as well as giving off a professional cerebral look that is just hot! Then there are the lighter pastel colors; these are great for giving off a fresh clean look and definitely great for Spring. Of course there’s bright and colorful in-your-face colors which demand to be noticed and are great for amplifying the colors, moods, and personality of the man in the underwear. Lastly and still deserving consideration are the patterns. Classics – paisley, polka dots, stripes and plaid – all have an individual charm they can adorn you with. (They may need their own list some day). Now let’s take a look at the top ten underwear colors.

Number 10 – SILVER

Silver – the metallic, shinny, show it all off color – is a great choice in underwear. Silver, like other metallic shades, is amazing at highlighting contrasts in your physical contour. That means it really does show it off. The reflective contrast will focus emphasis on all it covers. Silver is great for flaunting your “package” or nicely sculpted butt. The shinny illuminating quality of silver also screams for attention. It’s flashy, it’s sparkly and will give the wearer a spotlight in which to shine. Silver may not be the best color for everyday underwear but for guys looking for a special pair to stand out and attract attention, silver is a great choice. It’s also good for men with a pouch area worth showing off or guys with well defined muscular glutes.


The best part about the natural tones is that, at a glance or from a distance, you appear to be naked. And the naked look is a good look. Contrary to popular belief, white is not the best color to wear under white or light clothing; nude or flesh tones are better. No persons skin is absolute white. White underwear will show up quite well in contrast to your skin. Nude and skin tone colors will blend in much better and give you a smoother look under light clothing. The exact tone for the nude look will vary from man to man but contrasting natural hues can also be very appealing as an underwear color on a man. Natural tones say stability, reliability and approachability and highlight that in the person wearing the natural tones. Everyone looks good in their own color.

Number 8 – PURPLE

Purple has long been associated with royalty and wealth because purple dyes were hard to find and therefore very expensive. Purple still has that regal look of nobility. Purple underwear could make you look like a king. Purple also has a mystical or magical side too. Purple has been said to bring about peace of mind. Due to its close relationship with red and blue, it can take on their qualities if they are the background undertone of the garment. Purple is a great color for eccentric and creative men like artists and magicians. But it also makes a nice compliment to a man of power.

Number 7 – YELLOW

Yellow is a color that gives off brightness, enlightenment, and happiness. Yellow can spark optimism, creative thoughts, and energy. It encourages communication and stimulates the nervous system and mental ability. The brightness of yellow makes it a wonderful choice for guys with a sense of humor and who bring smiles to others because it screams joy. If you need a pick-me-up, put on your yellow skivvies!

Number 6 – GREEN

Green is one of the most pervasive colors in nature and is a great color in underwear design since we are so used to seeing it all around us. Because of that, it has a very comforting and soothing quality. Our eyes have a lot of range for seeing green in the color spectrum. Green is considered the color for peace and ecology. However there is an industrial side to the color green that associates it with illness and government. When it comes to men’s underwear, green can give a man a look of being adventurous and wild in an outdoors sense. This is probably because it takes on an appearance of green leafed loin cloth or has a militaristic appearance. Green looks great on guys with green or hazel eyes as it really brings out the eye color. Green also is a good choice for camping, hiking, or any activity in nature.


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