James Tudor is not a brand I am familiar with, so when I received it I had not preconceived notions as to what to expect from them. The pair received was the Military Brief in White in a size medium.   When I took them out of the package, I was unsure about how I would like them.  Usually I can tell by looking at a pair if they are going to work for me or not.  With these, I had no clue.  95% cotton, 5% elastane, the distinct button fall front certainly piqued my curiosity.

These briefs were very comfortable from the start.  The waistband, with the bold James Tudor logo, fit snugly without being too tight.  As did the leg openings.   The contrast stitching on the seat gives a nice look and aids in providing the rear support that some of us need.  I don’t normally wear briefs with a fly front or any sort of opening, so I was curious how the button down “fall” front would work.  Inside the brief there is an opening that the goods naturally fit through when you put them on.  So in order to go to the restroom, you unbutton and lower the front flap.    Which for me seemed a little cumbersome.  You can’t just “whip it out” when you have to go, making the quick trip to the restroom a little longer than usual.

Available in white, blue, and black, this brief is definitely an eye catcher.









Daily Wear



*Out of 5*


This pair was provided by James Tudor and is available at http://jamestudoronline.com for $36.00.





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