Malebasics Geometric Collection

MaleBasics came out with their new Geometric line this past week. It’s a really fun line featuring Chevron, Byblos and Hounds Tooth patterns. Here is what they told us about the line.

We decided to have a bit of fun with this new collection while keeping it classy end elegant. it’s all inspired on this season’s trend: Geometrics. We went from the traditional and classy “Houndstooth” a.k.a “Prince of Wales” to the simplicity of Chevrons. The Malebasics Geometric Collection honors the colors that have defined the brand for the last 12 years: Red, Black and White


We chose 3 patterns that are very different from one another. Malebasics Byblos is an elegant pattern, inspired by structures that are impossible to achieve in the tangible world, it is a classy reminder of Japanese engravings and Op Art. Wait until you see how this hypnotic pattern gets wrapped around your waist.


We made the Malebasics Chevron Pattern very irregular on purpose. The idea was to recreate the hand-traced patterns that can be found in African and Amazonian tribes. The effect is extremely beautiful and elegant when printed on our super soft fabric.


“The Prince of Wales”: The quintessential masculine pattern. Commonly known as the Houndtsooth, it has its origins on the garments used by Scottish shepherds. Then popularized by Edward VIII, Duke of Windsor and Prince of Wales, it was adopted by upper classes as a symbol of status. During the 20th Century, designers like Christian Dior, Moschino and Chanel have used the pattern in their collections. As the geometrics are coming back this season, what pattern could be best revived if not the Houndstooth? We decided to go ahead with a Classic as we felt that it was time for the Prince to make it all the way to your underpants but this time, oversized!

The high percentage of Cotton on this collection and its weight, makes it very resistant and soft to the touch. We took our engineered underwear and transformed it by suing these new prints. The comfort is the same it’s just the look that has changed. There is a new element in this collection and that is the fact that we started to use our new logo on the waistband. Also, this is our first collection of Underwear that includes a Jockstrap.

Find the Patterns for pre-order  and more at the Male Basics Site –


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