The pair of underwear I am reviewing is the Baskit America Brief in Super White.  Before trying these on, I enjoyed feeling the soft, thick fabric.  This brief is super white with navy blue and gold trim.  The waistband is nave blue with a wide band of gold around the waist and the Baskit logo in white centered on the front above the pouch.  The waistband is approximately 1.5 inches in width and is a bit taut with a small amount of give.  This sturdy waistband makes sure it has no bunching issues while wearing the brief.  The accommodating pouch is rather high placed which provides extra lift and appears to be meant to be very supportive and create that show off look that so many underwear companies are striving to achieve.  The gold color is a really a mixture of gold and mustard and provides a nice contrast to the navy blue and super white.  This brief makes me feel like I should be on a yacht with a captains hat on.  I’m king of the world!  There are several color options in this brief that all feature the gold trim.  This is my fourth or fifth pair of Baskit undies.  I bought a brief when the company first started selling underwear and I enjoy a jock I have from them.  I like Baskit underwear, in general.

While wearing this pair of underwear, I went about my normal daily activities for work.  I administered assessments to a client and sat and stood approximately five hours while wearing this pair of briefs.  The pair fit well, but was a bit tight, did not bunch up, did not ride up, and was comfortable.

I received a size large in this brief.  This size should cover a 34 pant size.  Sizing was not true to size as I am a large in the vast majority of underwear and this pair was a bit tight.  So, the fit was a bit snug in the waist and after washing and air drying the brief, it is a bit smaller that a large but still very wearable.

 am1100_america_brief_s_white am1100_america_brief_b_whiteam1100_america_brief_f_white

I loved the super white fabric with gold trim to accentuate the underwear and body (95%Cotton, 5%Elastane) as it was comfortable and conforming to the body.  The pouch was slight, but supportive and conforming.  I loved the seam that ran the length of the pouch and ended at the crotch.  The seam was sewn with large stitches and created a nice look.  The gold trim that highlighted the pouch was also a particular favorite of mine.

Overall, this was a nice pair of comfortable underwear.  The design is conforming to the body and creates a nice profile.  I will enjoy wearing them again.


  • Style
  • Pattern


  • Sizing was a bit small

· Daily Fit – 8
· Sizing – 7
· Construction/Materials – 10
· Styling – 10
· Daily Performance – 8
· Overall – 8.6

Baskit furnished these for review.


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