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On October 17th , at Fashion Week, fashion company MARCO MARCO, mostly known for their female fashion work, rendered quite the runway show, debuting their men’s underwear collection as well! The show was walked by ALL men. Now half of these men happened to be famous drag queens, but the other half were presenting as men. While the queens wore the female side of the new collection, the guys were wearing some briefs with some sleeveless hoodie concepts, but most intriguing to me was the interesting riff on pants Marco Marco presented.

To describe this, I would say they are a lovechild between skinny jeans and boxer briefs.

Now, I know this isn’t the first time a designers has done a legging for men that let’s their junk jiggle around (à la N2Ns running tights…), but MARCO MARCO takes this to a funny level by cutting the “pants” so that the underwear aspect of it, are the highlight. The “pants” and most of the underwear include the very IN mesh paneling that shows off the models ass-ets (bad joke, I know).

I like the undies; nicely cut, supportive without being too constricting in the pouch. I am intrigued by these tights though. Are these for the extremely bold to wear out to the clubs? Are they just elongated legs to highlight the underwear for the show? It will be interesting to see when their men’s underwear collection is released what these tights have turned into. I’d wear a pair 🙂 maybe not in public? Maybe as long underwear when it gets cold.

Another thing I HAVE to point out, which I know is a little off topic. But it was really beautiful to see a full runway collection displayed by a giant talented group of men. I am not saying that it is how I want all fashion shows to go, but it was a little awesome. The queens were KILLING the looks, better than some of the more demure model methods you see today. The men were able to have fun with it. Usually the females get to do the model stomp, and the men kind of burly trample down the runway with their shoulders hunched up. These guys were not only walking the runway, they even threw some wacking style movement in there, which made it all the more fun.

So what do you think? Tights? Public? Yay? Nay?



The New Marco Marco  Men’s Underwear coming soon.


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