Last week we had our “Favorite Model” Poll and one of the models was Jon Varak. He’s a new model that has come on the scene as a model for Andrew Christian. We got the chance to talk to him and here is more about Jon~

How did you get into modeling? Discovered?

I got into modeling through a friend, who knew the talent scout at Andrew Christian. My friend sent in the picture. They contacted me and things just took off from there.

You have been modeling for Andrew christian how have those shoots been? 
The videos have been really fun. The first video I was really nervous because I didn’t know anyone. Didn’t know how I would be accepted as the new guy. All the guys accepted me. On set it is a lot of fun and there is a lot of laughing and getting the work done.

How many videos have you done for AC:
Have done  6 videos and another one coming up that was shot in LA.  I can’t give you details just yet but it was a lot of fun to shoot. I had a lot of fun filming Studburbia. The video was filmed at Andrew Christian house in Palm Springs.  The list of videos:

  • Overboard
  • Overboard Part 2
  • Road Trip to Miami Beach
  • Miami Car Wash
  • Studburbia
  • Twerk Off

Were you a fan of underwear before? 
I was always a fan of sexy underwear before the shoot. It’s nice to wear sexy underwear when you walk around. At the time I wasn’t aware of Andrew Christian before the shoots. Now my underwear drawer is overflowing with Andrew Christian from the shoots.

Are you boxers or briefs? 
Lean towards boxer briefs. The Twerk video was the first time i wore AC Andrew Christian Boxer Briefs. But after I wore them I really liked the boxer brief.

We had you come in second in our “Favorite Underwear Model” What was the experience like?
Was great and surprising. At first I didn’t know i was in the running. A few fans posted the link on my page. I saw who I was running with and was honored to be nominated. I also  knew a few of the other models. Colby was my inspiration for getting into modeling. He is a shorter guy and showed that shorter guys can do modeling well. Phlip Fusco is my gym inspiration. I was very honored to be in the running with guys that were there.

What are your plans for the future? 
I have decided to stay in Kentucky and finish my degree. So the next few months will try to as much photo shoots and club bookings as i can and then will focus on my school. I won’t quit until I become too old to model. But right now my education is a priority over modeling.

Jon is a really great guy and I really enjoyed talking to him. I think we will see a lot more of him in the future.

Find Jon at:

Facebook – – @jvarak007


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